Welcome to the Classical Music Home Page guestbook, another great geocities feature. Please feel free to make any comments about the home page. I am running dry on ideas, any recommendations are most welcome.

Charles Whittlestop-Smythe - 04/05/00 23:38:47
My URL:http://threeplewood.8m.com
My Email:chairman@threeplewood.8m.com

This is certainly a fine website, and I would love to create a link to my own, if you would be so kind as to return the favour. You can find the TRMS at http://threeplewood.8m.com Thank you, Charles W-S

mike hurst - 11/26/99 21:43:52
My URL:http://www.mike@hurst94.freeserve.co.uk

first time on this page it is good

Brian and Margaret Boettcher - 05/13/99 07:36:13
My Email:brianboettch@hotmail.com

Last night we saw a wonderous thing. A conservative English audiance was totally won over in Birmingham by a young group of my fellow Australians. before the concert questions were " I believe they all stand through the performance" and the " Is the leader very young". After the concert they felt, as did we, that we had been through the most wonderous musical experience. I told them that that was the sights and sounds of modern Australia. We enjoy the subscription to the ACO in Australia and having to miss that for two years makes us want to return to the surf and sun and Music. Hope the rest of the tour goes as well. Love Brian and Margaret Boettcher

Ph.Bertrand - 03/03/99 11:26:06
My URL:http://listen.to/composers
My Email:bertrand@mail.dma.be

Could you please add my url to the links? Tnx

Norma - 02/02/99 05:56:23
My Email:HeavenlyNM@rocketmail.com

Hi there Chris! Just came across your page again. Still looks good. It's been a long time, would love to hear from you again sometime.

- 01/26/99 18:12:36

Great page!!

Duane Duff - 01/26/99 12:16:13
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Baja/2517
My Email:duff@sancristobal.com.mx

I have been trying to obtain information on place of birth, dates of birth and death of composers that are not avilable in my library. I like your site, which has given some help in the missing area. There are now only seven missing names. Thanks for y ur help. Keep up the good work.

Christina Tan - 12/05/98 03:01:30
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Wellesley/5020
My Email:moontwig@hotmail.com


You've a great-looking page. Keep up the terrific work!

Charles K. Moss - 10/06/98 10:04:44
My URL:http://www.sumter.net/~ckmoss/index.html
My Email:ckmoss@sumter.net

I enjoyed visiting your page very much. Please keep up the great work for Classical Music!.

John - 07/21/98 10:40:28
My Email:johnknecht@hotmail.com

I enjoyed visiting your website, I thought it was well done. I especially liked reading Beethoven's letter, as an insight into some of the thoughts and emotions of the composer, which can be as interesting as the music itself. One small thing, though, y u might want to double-check keys Eb, Ab, and Db.

- 06/11/98 10:45:39


Jackie van Oostrom - 06/11/98 09:33:33
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Paris/Cafe/4057/
My Email:vanoostrom@xtra.co.nz

You have created a wonderful tribute to many talented people. Mozart is my favourite. I will visit again.

Featuring sites which recognize the achievements of great individuals.

Terren Williams - 05/15/98 19:45:56
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/SouthBeach/Pointe/3682
My Email:eagle-wolf@rocketmail.com

I love Mozart! This is a great page people with this kind of stuff on their page desvers to be seen.I love this page!

Millicent - 05/11/98 23:10:07
My Email:einsdau@aol.com

I simply love your home page. Thank you for the sad, but warm letter of Beethoven.

David Price - 04/11/98 14:46:42
My URL:http://www.btinternet.com/~porchestra/PetersfieldOrch/index.htm
My Email:daprice@btinternet.com

Hi Chris, I was looking for programme notes when I saw your page, nothing like a bikini or two to distract academic research and brighten up a very wet Easter in England. I have just created my first web page for my local orchestra (I play horn) so I'm always looking for tips from more experienced users. Wish you and your's a happy Easter.

Igeddy - 03/03/98 18:40:55
My Email:Parish@ibm.net

Very interesting

- 03/03/98 15:51:49
My Email:Gianopoulis@hotmail.com

I spent about an hour on your page. Thanks. I'm doiing a report in music and musical theory and mathematics in music. A bit about me? I've played piano for about (8 years with lessons) and since I could climb up on the piano bench I used to always pla when I was little. Personally my favorite composers are mendelssohn, sibelius and rimsky-korsakov.

Maurice - 02/13/98 03:20:01
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My Email:Maurice_83@hotmail.com

Hi, nice page.

John Marchington - 01/22/98 05:00:05
My Email:j.marchington@xtra.co.nz

Please take another look at your keys involving flat accidentals. You might wish to make some alterations. Other than that, I'm suitably impressed with your Page. Regards.

Emily - 01/04/98 17:06:45

I was just wondering; what MIDI piece do you play when the Heiligenstadter Testament comes up? It's so pretty and I was wondering if it was the Moonlight Sonata!

Geoffrey Gaskell - 12/22/97 01:26:36
My URL:http://reocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/3089
My Email:g.gaskell@xtra.co.nz

Seems an attractive site. I'll add it to my geoguide guided tour and put a link on my own web page. Keep up the good work.

Garth - 11/30/97 03:38:33
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/1296
My Email:garthm@unixg.ubc.ca

Nice Dancing Baby

Lynne Naylor - 11/28/97 02:24:26
My Email:L.Naylor@cowan.edu.au

Great idea Chris! Wish we had the software down here (in the lower library at Churchlands) to at least be able to open Netscape without protection faults, though! So I can't visit as often as I'd like, you see. I keep hearing some interesting stuff on Chr s Lawrence's brekky show, though. Seems like he might be turning into a world music freak (@!%^$#@#@!)...or maybe it's Felix... BTW, have you ever thought of proofreading your pages before you put them up??? (I used to be an English teacher, you see!) Got a go - 'bye!

heavenly - 08/06/97 02:38:37
My Email:heavenly@ionet.net

Hi there...remember me? Just dropped by to check on ya! Love that new pic...you're lookin good! :-)

Volker Frese - 07/27/97 19:00:47
My Email:seppvolker@aol.com

looks good !!

bandgrrrl - 07/20/97 14:29:08
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Vienna/5325/
My Email:bandgrrrl@reocities.com

I think you have an awesome page! My page is dedicated to Bach, and I enjoyed seeing another classical music lover's page! If you could, I'd like to ask a few favors of you. First of all, could you put a link to my page on y urs, and I will do the same for you? Secondly, I'd like to invite you to join the Vienna Citizens Webring; a webring I have started specifically for citizens of the Vienna neighborhood. It's been great visiting your page; thanks for the experience!

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