Music Links

Popular Artists

Richard Glazier - Pianist\Narrator

The best J.S Bach Home Page
Detailed information on the life of J.S.Bach.
FAQ of J.S Bach, very comprehensive

Beethoven, The Immortal
Classic's World - Biography of Beethoven
Multimedia Beethoven Encyclopaedia - Great Site!!

The Mozart Project
W.A. Mozart Page
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's magnificent opera, Le Nozze di Figaro

David Helfgott

Schubert Works

Lieder and Art Songs

Emily's texts of Lieder and Art Songs


Tenorland, another great geocities site.
Opera Glass, Opera Information Server.

MIDI and WAV Archives

Symphony Nova Scotia - Sound Clips
SONY Music Sound Clips
WAV Sound Page
Classical MIDI Archives
Beethoven - Audio/MIDI
Mozart MIDI
Handel MIDI
Index of various Classical Music
Beethoven MIDI
Orchestral Works

Other Cool Music Links

Classical Musicians, Composers, and Conductors
Joshua Cullens Classical Music Site (great up-and-coming pianist)
Dublin Symphony Orchestra

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