Catalogue 2001
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Beltex Shearling & Ram Lambs, Gimmers, Beltex X Texel, Semen & Embryo

Beltex Sheep
Belgian Texel sheep - exceptional length, character and the highest ever muscle size in a British texel!

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Belgian Texel sheep are bred in Belgium for their double muscle. In the UK they have proved exceptional Terminal Sires winning Carcass Competitions at all the major shows.
Beltex sheep at the trough!
Beltex have a very good meat to bone ratio with low fat. Farmers are using them to serve their Gimmers, young Ewes, because the small bone structure gives easy lambing

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From £8,000 Beltex 'VIAGROW'
1998 Royal Show Supreme Champion
1998 Royal Welsh Show Supreme Champion
1999 Royal Highland Show Supreme Champion
Sire of:
  • Broughton Tup Lambs - 1st and 3rd, 1999 Royal Highland Show.
  • Corstane Ewe Lambs - 1st and 4th, 1999 Royal Highland Show.

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The Corstane & Broughton flock was first established 8 years ago in the Scottish Borders countryside of Upper Tweeddale. It has grown to some 60 ewes with Embryo Transplant from the best stock sheep.
Viagrow & prize-winning lambs
All sheep are MV and enzootic abortion accredited and scrapie monitored. Stock Rams are all in Grades 1 to 4 for scrapie resistance.
We have a choice of Belgian Texel rams and ewes for sale.

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