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de Gochenne Flock
- Philippe & Sonia Dejardin
Our Gochenee flock is siuated in Namur Province of Belgium at the frontier with France, It was established 15 years ago and now has 40 breeding ewes selected from the best Belgian & Dutch stock. During the last 10 years they have won many championships at both National & Regional Shows
Champion Ram & Siblings
Philippe, Sonia & Family with the 1999 descendents of their champion tup
Only rams with extreme muscle and good breed type are used in our flock. We want to produce long lambs with a broad loin, an inclined pelvis & high tail and deep gigots. Our sheep must show all the characteristics of a super muscled sheep.

The back breadth and pelvic shape are very important for easy lambing, also the ewes have to be motherly, lactate well and be bred from prolific stock. In addition to these breed characteristics, we are looking for: an expressive white head, fine and compact wool and majestic bearing.
Philippe's aged ram was champion at the 1999 Ciney Show. 1999 Champion Ram

In short this brings Strength, Harmony and Nobleness to our Beltex.
Our Breeding Slogan is:
To Produce a Harmonious Sheep with Maximum Muscle and Minimum Fat!

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Lamb Sold for export - 342 Ram Lambs for Sale
Philippe and Sonia welcome visitors who wish to purchase their sheep in the small Ardennes village of Gauchenne
A ram lamb purchased in 2000 by British breeders Mary Dunlop and Dave Stanley, for use with their gimmers sired by Viagrow, the famous 3 Royal Show Champion
A Meaty Ewe and Ram Lamb email Philippe

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- All sheep are Scrapie monitored and MV accredited .
- Health Inspection of sheep for export is arranged
-Transport can be arranged by Belgimex.
One of Pilippe's meatiest Ewe's with her ram lamb Philippe & Sonia Dejardin, rue de Doriemont 18,
5860 GOCHENNE. Belgium Tel:00 32 (0)82 677358

Webmasters - Mary Dunlop & Dave Stanley farm at Broughton by Biggar in Tweeddale, Scotland and own the joint Corstane & Broughton flocks.
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Viagrow & 1st Prize Ewe  & Ran Lambs

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