The Northern Neck of Virginia is the state's northernmost peninsula forming the west shores of the Chesapeake Bay. It is bounded by the Potomac River to the North, The Chesapeake Bay to the East, and the Rappahannock River to the South. It is very historic, containing the birthplaces of George Washington, James Monroe, and Robert E. Lee. Because its off-the-beaten path location away from the I-95 corridor, it has been virtually untouched and undiscovered until a few years ago. Despite its close proximity to Washington and Richmond, it remains a rural, peaceful place with little commercialization and a low population density. It is full of immense pastoral natural beauty. Bald Eagles frequently grace the skies, and Blue Crabs and oysters inhabit its waters.

Our house is about 90 miles south of Washington, and about 40 miles SE of Fredericksburg, at the mouth of the Nomini Creek. The Nomini Creek empties into a small bay (Nomini Bay), which in turn empties into the Potomac River. The mouth of the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay is about 25 miles downstream. The Potomac River is very wide at this point; it's about 10 miles from our house to the southern Maryland shore on the horizon.

From Washington DC, the trip takes about 2 hours with normal traffic.