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David Templeton Reviews

Le Nozze di Figaro - Count Almaviva 
"David Templeton is the most convincing Count I've ever seen. He's young and handsome, so we finally see why Rosina loves him. Since his behavior is mostly chilly and arrogant, he's an enigmatic figure, but with Templeton, who has a fine baritone voice, we see what he could be if he'd just straighten out."
-- The Edmonton Sun 
"Of the singers,...and David Templeton best realized Bachman's directions: they presented three-diminsional, instantly likeable (or dislikeable, in the Count's case) characters on stage with fine, dramatically nuanced voices. Templeton's Count clearly cut the form of a sexually active, handsoome aristocrat who spends much of his time on the prowl. He became angry when thwarted, and frustrated at the confusion that always seemed to impede the successful conclusion of his quest to bed Susanna. He displayed the complexity of this man of power who, having fallen out of love with his Countess, is about to meddle into the affairs of his friend and servant, Figaro. Templeton's voice was in fine form on Saturday night."
-- The Advocate/Stamford, CT 
"The Count Almaviva was David Templeton, and he not only sang well, but understood the menace inherent in the man, who has the power of life and death over everyone in his domain."
-- Bridgeport, CT 
"The young baritone David Templeton is a splendid Count. He was incisive to one crescendo of excitement to the aria of the third act Vedro mentr'io sospiro"
-- Oggi - America 
La Traviata - Germont 
"Baritone David Templeton as Giorgio Germont brought new meaning to the role of Alfredo's father. Rather than the usual, bland charachter who is notable primarily for the melodious aria "Di Provenza il mar il sol," this Germont emerged as the self-righteous, manipulative, even cruel figure that he really is. Templeton's rich baritone voice and tall, imposing persona are impressive assets in creating the role."
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune 
"David Templeton's interpretation of Giorgio was right on the mark. The young baritone was convincing as the manipulative father bent on protecting his family's honor at almost any cost. Giorgio is one of the great Verdi baritone roles and he handled it with dignity in a performance that was quite affecting."
-- The Winston-Salem Journal 
"Faultless enjoyment on this evening was provided by David Templeton as Father Germont, who impressed with his evenly measured, fully formed baritone and pleasantly simple demeanor."
-- Das Opernglas 
"David Templeton's Germont, full in tone, eloquent in expression, came much closer to the mark."
-- Opera News 
"In the role of Germont, baritone David Templeton displays a strong voice and a convincing air of authority."
"David Templeton gave us Germont, not as a sinister villain but as a concerned patriarch in pain for his family's good name. At times his singing was passionately appealing. The meeting of father and son is a dramatic moment, and Templeton's aria is vividly passionate."
-- Bradenton Herald 
"His father is portrayed by David Templeton, impressive in voice and bearing. Templeton brings the appropriate gravitas to his role as Alfredo's father, Germont -- even a heroicism. Though his impulses change, his manner does not distinguish when he is talking to the demi-mondaine Violetta and his own son."
-- The Longboat Observer 
Don Giovanni - Don Giovanni 
"David Templeton was a suave and wily standout as the arrogant Don Giovanni. His 'La ci darem la mano,' in which he tries to seduce Zerlina, someone else's bride, was the sexiest I've ever seen. But Templeton's performance had many high points. With his big baritone voice and domineering presence, he was exactly what you want the rascally Don to be."
-- The Reno Gazette Journal 
"David Templeton's beautifully sung Don Giovanni is impressive for its physicality and con man I-always-get-what-I-want sureness. He's lean, manic, and -- because of his dashing boy-next-door good looks -- dangerous. Giovanni's sexual obsession resonates in his seductive duet with Zerlina, 'La ci darem la mano.'"
-- Reno, Nevada 
"David Templeton, in the demanding role of the Don, sang with conviction and presence."
-- The Columbus Dispatch 
Luisa Miller - Miller 
"Most impressive was baritone David Templeton, as Luisa's father, a strong, sure voice and assured stage presence, reinforcing the favorable impression he made last season in 'La Traviata.'"
-- The Longboat Observer 
"David Templeton embodied the ideal father -- loving, protective and understanding -- his lyrical baritone perfectly suited to the role."
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune 
"David Templeton, so good in last season's 'La Traviata', sings Miller with dignity, drama and distinction. A wonderful interpretation."
-- Venice Gondolier 
Faust - Valentin 
"David Templeton's Valentin was delivered with flair and aplomb... a highly accomplished singer."
-- Worchester Telegram & Gazette 
"Valentin was played by David Templeton, who endowed his role as a soldier with a heroic voice."
-- The Phoenix/Boston, MA 
"David Templeton as Valentin, the soldier brother, displayed a wonderful baritone."
-- Cape Cod Times 
"The role of Valentin was played by David Templeton. His haunting baritone voice gave great depth to the part."
-- The Upper Cape Cod Local 
Carmen- Escamillo 
"Playing the matador Escamillo was David Templeton. No doubts about one's masculinity here. Escamillo raged hormonal confidence and had the booming voice to back it up. He was terrific."
-- The Blade/Toledo, OH 
Madama Butterfly - Sharpless 
"Baritone David Templeton brought genuine humanity, as well as a superb voice, to the role of Sharpless"
-- Columbus Dispatch 
Romeo et Juliette - Mercutio 
"Mercutio's (David Templeton) song of Queen Mab was engagingly sung and the tall baritone a dominating presence whenever he was on stage."
-- The Edmonton Journal 
"The vocal and stage performances of...(Tybalt)and David Templeton (Mercutio) were so exciting and edgy they made the opera's centre seem a bit tepid."
-- Opera Canada 
Die Fledermaus - Falke 
"Baritone David Templeton's performance was notable for the highly promising quality of his voice, and a certain elegance of bearing on stage. His aria, the lovely waltz, 'Sing to Love,' in the finale of Act II, was poetically and stirringly sung."
-- The Cape Cod Times 
In Concert: 
Sarasota Opera Artists Concert
"And, with David Templeton's singing of 'Vision fugitive,' from Massenet's 'Herodiade,' we were treated to that rarest of qualities: truly soft singing."
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune 
Welsh Hills Symphony -- Five Mystical Songs
"David Templeton was the guest soloist for the single presentation on the second half of the program -- the Five Mystical Songs of Ralph Vaughan-Williams. The breadth and beauty of Templeton's voice brought an interest to the 1911 English work that might have otherwise suffered, coming as it did after the Mozart."
-- The Columbus Dispatch