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The OFFICIAL Chopin Homepage - Warsaw, Poland

The U.S. Chopin Foundation

International Chopin Piano Competition - September 2005

The London Chopin Society

The Vancouver Chopin Society

Other outstanding composer pages

Classical MIDI resources on the 'web



"The Original Chopin" CD collection by Angela Lear - "... hear what Chopin really intended." - BBC Music Magazine

Finally... Buy almost any sheet music on the web!

Order inexpensive (U.S. $6) Classical CDs from NAXOS

Almost 1000 "live" (real-time) MIDI files by dozens of Composers!

Chopin by Jim Sampson (Schirmer Books)

The Parisian Worlds of Frederic Chopin by William G. Atwood (Yale University Press)
Arrangements of Chopin for String Quintet (Tandem Records) 3 CD Set

CD of Chopin and Paderewski Songs (piano and vocals)

More Chopin Links

InfoChopin - Int'l Chopin Information Center

"Heart of Genius" - Read a real essay on Chopin by Janusz Ekiert

GREAT new Chopin Website !

Chopin Site in English and Korean by Kim Hui Jeong

Looking for free sheet music?

Evan Stephens' Critique of Chopin Performers

Great Chopin biography by Jeremy Siepmann

Visit Chopin's grave in Paris

The Piano Page - Very comprehensive site (visit the Virtual Piano Museum!)

Chopin Lieder (songs - lyrics only)

Musical medium speaks to Chopin from the grave! (you gotta see this...)

Works lists of various composers inc. Chopin (in French)

Chopin for President? He's got my vote!!

Chopin Vodka