Coisa em Cômoda

by Löis Lancaster


It's a tape of my works which weren't, for any reason, included in the repertoire of any of my bands. I decided to record it myself, with the aid of a lot of friends and my computer, and my Nephlin.
The name of the work is a play of words between "Annoying Thing" and "Bedside Table Thing".
If you're interested, in the near future you can download .wav files to hear what I'm talking about.

The Songs,
with little comments:

Side A

1. O Grande Lance (The Big Deal)

An almost-non-electronic song. It was first sequenced in the computer, but everything was overdubbed with improvised parts, and then the computer parts were muted - except for the piano.

The lyrics are about the old things, which always stay the same through the centuries. The chorus is: "O grande lance é um dinossauro"/"The big deal is a dinosaur"


Two Voices (mine included), Drums, Six Electric Guitars (three each side of the stereo), Nephlin, Piano (only) by 486 DX2 66.

2. Afrodite em Chamas (Burning Aphrodite)

Totally sequenced and played by a SoundCanvas on the studio PC.

It is an instrumental song, a fantasy over the Brazilian National Hymn. It will be available to listen through this page soon, in MIDI format.


Double Bass, Clarinet, Percussion and Piano played by 486 DX2 66.

3. Engenho de Cana-de-Açúcar (Sugar Cane "Device")

Instrumental section sequenced, vocal parts sung by Bia Martinez.

It's difficult to explain the meaning of this song to a foreigner. In the ancient times, when Brazil was a colony, and later as an empire, there were "Engenhos"/"Devices?", farms here in which sugar cane was processed into sugar, using slave work. My grandfather grew up in one of them. The lyrics tell a story which took place in a "Engenho".


Pitch-Bended Clarinet and String Quartet played by 486 DX2 66.

4. LuAcrescente (RisingLu)

5. Cirrose Atende (Cirrosis Answers)

Side B