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   General Language Resources

  Translation Aid AltaVista's translation service page, for translating words, phrases, or web pages
  Daily Newspapers The day's news in the language of one's choice
  Study Abroad Programs Language and other programs, College Consortium for International Studies
  . AbroadLanguages A selection of schools for learning languages in native settings
  Vocabulary Drills Exercises for English, German, French, and Spanish. By Rene Kondratzky
  Language Practice travlang's Foreign Languages for Travelers  (Best on PCs with sound cards)
  Business Use "International Business Communications", Webster, also: "Country of the Week"
  UT Bookmarks Exhaustive list of language links, University of Toledo in Ohio


  English from BBC English language material from BBC World Service
  News for Students Regular news summary with Vocabulary and Geography aids (New York Times)
  World News From BBC in London. Also "World Summary" as a RealAudio clip
  On-line Dictionary Cambridge Dictionaries Online. See also:  Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary
  A Word A Day Vocabulary builder from Wordserver at
  . Shades-of-Meaning Check out a couple of synonyms, or homophones, every day (Terry Light)
  Word Detective Regular columns on the origin of colloquial words and phrases (Evan Morris)
  Literature and Poetry Bill Massey's compendium of sites (with commentary)
  Project Bartleby Prose, Poetry, and works of Reference (Columbia University, New York)
  Phrase Search Search the classics for specific words/phrases (Perseus Project, Tufts University, MA)
  Shakespeare Michigan Electronic Library of Shakespeare Resources
  Baker Street Connection For fans of Sherlock Holmes everywhere
  . E-Mail Abbreviations Standard e-mail abbreviations, and emoticons (Oxford University Press)


  . Basic French A French course, with audio (Jacques Léon)
  . The French Experience A multimedia language course from the BBC, London
  . French Dictionary On-line dictionary, French-to-French (Hachette)
  . Listen 'n Speak French phrases for travelers, with RealAudio (French Travel Gallery)
  Civilisation française A look, in French, on aspects of French life (Marie Ponterio, SUNY at Cortland)
  Electronic texts Public domain texts at ABU, Association des Bibliophiles Universels
  An electronic library Index of the library at Bibliothèque municipale de Lisieux
  FranceLink Radio broadcasts of RTL, RFI, Europe1, ..
  Paris in Pictures Eric Baudelet's pictorial tour of Paris, with commentary in French
  Paris Match France's premier picture magazine
  Internet Resources A selection of learning resources for students of French (Houghton Mifflin)
  Nomade Guide des sites Internet en français
  La Toile du Québec A directory of various Internet resources in French Canada


  Texts with notes Articles from Jetzt Online, from Goethe Institut/Süddeutsche Zeitung
  Bilingual Dictionary German/English dictionary (HarperCollins). Also at: TU Dresden
  . Deutsch Plus Multimedia course material for beginners from the BBC World Service
  Alpha Sprachinstitut A language school in Vienna, Austria (On-line exercises, placement tests)
  The Right Word/Phrase Stefan Winterstein-Theobald's list of anglicized words to avoid, with suggestions
  Projekt Gutenberg Resources, e.g. Eichendorff,   Rilke,   Shakespeare (in original & translation), ...
  Texts of Lieder Texts by Poets, by Composers, or by 1st line (some with translations)
  Franz Kafka Texts of Kafka's works;  some translations (English and Spanish)
  Karl May Biographical notes;  texts of select works, e.g. Der Schatz im Silbersee
  Meyers Lexikon German language encyclopedia (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
  Literatur am Draht About books, authors, literature, literary projects, organizations, ... (OLLi)
  About things German Ken Wigger's exhaustive list of links, including Folk Songs, Black Forest, ...
  Weltalmanach World Almanac, with current updates (Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag)
  Der Stern Online edition of the popular weekly magazine, of general interest
  Tagesschau News, German weather forecast, etc., from Hamburg


  . Leisure Italian Intermediate level material, based on an original BBC radio series
  . Study Italian Italian for foreigners, all levels (Roberto Tartaglione)
  . ILUSS Reading material with excercises, and other resources (Italian Language USS)
  . Digita Web On-line dictionary, Italian-to-Italian (Garzanti)
  . Literary Anthology An anthology of Italian literature: poetry, theatre, religious works, ...
  . Proficiency Diplomas About tests, and diplomas in language proficiency, from Accademia Italiana di Lingua
  . Giornale Radio News, etc., in text and audio (Radiotelevisione Italiana)
  . CyberItalian Language lessons, with wav audio (Beginner and Intermediate levels)
  . Learn in Italy Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - locations in Florence, Rome, and Siena


  Learning Spanish A list of Net resources   (Courtesy of  "Si, España",  Embassy of Spain in Ottawa)
  Vocabulary Builder A new word-a-day, explained with examples (don Quijote schools)
  TECLA Spanish language texts for students, with vocabulary notes
  Learn Spanish Online tutorial, recommended books, directory of language schools, ...
  García Lorca Complete works of Federico García Lorca
  Spanish Poetry An Anthology, as put together by Fred Jehle of Indiana University
  Radio over the Net Raphael Kairy's guide to Spanish language radio stations (requires RealAudio)
  Cervantina On-line Spanish magazine, from Barcelona
  Spanish Comics Los Tebeos de Siempre

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