My favorite Hobby

(my alternate life)
In the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) I am known as The Honorable Lady Rowanna del Baylly.
The Society for Create Anachronism a medieval recreation group. We selectively recreate the middle ages (Roman times - 1650). We recreate the costumes, the feasting, the fighting, and more, and leave out the plagues, rats, lice, and other nasties of times past.

Rowanna is from Clun, England around 1133, or a couple of generations after William the Conqueror ( or bastard, depending on which side you were on).

I used to be Seneschal of the Canton of the Canyons, Chronicler for the Barony of the Angels, and Kingdom Waterbearer for the Kingdom of Caid.
But I gave them all up to become Chronicler for the Kingdom of Caid (Spring 2000).

I am a passenger on the Indigo Rose.

Rowanna's Travels- article I wrote for the Seraph (Barony of Angels Newsletters) about some of my trips abroad, mostly England and France.

Some day soon I will put up pictures of my card weaving.

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