Shopping on the Web

I think the web is the best place to shop, but then I've done mail order/catalog shopping for years.
I've been ebaying lately, what fun!

These are some of places that I like to frequent.

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The Mail Order Company/The Farm - Best selection of vegetarian cookbooks, foodstuff (TVP, Instant Gluten Flour), and much more. This is a 'Must See'.

Glad Rags reusable cotton menstral pads. Been using them for years. Highly recommend them.

Advantage at

Great flea control. Much better than trying to bathe the cats.

rates e-businesses and gives you rebates on selected merchants. They have some good merchants signed up - travelscape is great!

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All the DVDs you want

Vegetarian Cookbooks I'd Recommend at

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The Compassionate Cook Or, 'Please Don't Eat the Animals!'
Cooking with Peta
Best 125 meatless meals
Ecological Cooking
Freindly Foods
Field of Green

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