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One of my hobbies is vegetarian cooking. I've been a vegetarian since the fall of 1984. I joined the vegetarian society at Carleton University because a $3 yearly membership allow me to eat weekly meals of the 'dish demonstration'. At that time I did some work for OPRIG (Ontario Public Research Interest Group) about the prevelance of antibiotics and other crap in meat. I also wrote a paper for an English class on Vegetariansms, and basically convinced myself that there really wasn't any good reason for me to eat meat. It was bad for the environment, it was bad for global food distribution, it was bad for my health, it was bad for my karma, and it was boring. There were hundreds of beans and legumes out there that I had never had the chance to cook. I've learned a lot over the years, about foods such as Tofu and Tempeh, Seiten (gluten), texturized vegetable protein, sprouts, and more.

I can remember when there were only a few Vegetarian Cookbooks around!

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