The following is a transcription of the 1894 biography of John Van Nest Talmage, who was a missionary to Amoy (Xiamen) China from 1847 to 1890. He was the brother of Thomas DeWitt Talmage, who was one of the foremost preachers of his day. He was also the great-great-great-grandfather of the transcriber.

This text was transcribed by hand, and may contain errors. Please note that a corrected version of the text was submitted to Project Gutenberg ca. 2004, and that GoogleBooks has recently (ca. 2007) added a copy, including a free download of a pdf file with the scanned page images.

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Introduction by Rev. Thomas De Witt Talmage
Preface by Rev. John Gerardus Fagg

Chapter 1 - The Ancestral Home
Chapter 2 - Call to China and Voyage Hence
Chapter 3 - The City of the "Elegant Gate"
Chapter 4 - Light and Shade
Chapter 5a - At the Foot of the Bamboos
Chapter 5b - At the Foot of the Bamboos
Chapter 6 - The "Little Knife" Insurrection
Chapter 7a - The Blossoming Desert
Chapter 7b - Si-boo's Zeal
Chapter 8 - Church Union
Chapter 9a - Church Union (continued)
Chapter 9b - Church Union (continued)
Chapter 10 - The Anti-missionary Agitation
Chapter 11 - The Last Two Decades
Chapter 12 - In Memoriam



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