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Here are some old black and white pictures of the Scherer Family

My Mom is only 4 months pregnant with me in this photo taken at San Antonio, Texas, on July 15, 1945.

Here I am with my grandmother Jean Scherer and her sister Hattie Brogdon.

Celebrating my first birthday with my grandfather, Dr. Tilden Scherer, in December 1946.

My dad takes a cast off my foot, which was to have helped straighten it out.

Riding in my red wagon.

Notice the toy train near the Christmas tree. Must be 1949 in Wilson, NC.

Sally in her mom's arms. She is only 7 months old here.

Wally on the front porch of the house behind Sally in previous picture.

Wally and little sister Sally enjoy an Easter basket in 1949.

Family time in 1949.

From left: Betty Scherer, wife of Mike; Sara Scherer, wife of Wallace; Ruby Scherer, wife of Britton.

Family gathering sponsored by ladies of the church on the eve of Mike's wedding to Betty.

Sally dresses up as uncle Sam.

Sally with her cousin Roy.

Wally with Roy, about 1948.

Sally turns 5 years old.

Sally with pigtails.

Tilden Scherer with grandson Wally, celebrated their birthdays together each year on December 24th.

Dad made us a merry go round out of old bicycles when we lived in Wilson, NC.

Grandmother Kate Denny enjoys a visit with Sally.

Grandmother Jean's oldest siblings, Uncle Jimmy, and Aunts Hattie, Fanny, and Etta.

Cousins Roy and Nena

Dad made us a big swing when we lived at 2717 Henrico Drive in Richmond.

Sally has a birthday party with some neighborhood children, such as Barbara Brown and Sarah Rigel.

Wally graduates from 3rd grade at Highland Park Elementary School.

Wally celebrates a birthday with fellow cub scout Warren Burden and friend Millard Poore.

Grandpop Scherer and I celebrate our last birthday together in December 1956. He died in 1957.

After shoveling snow at our house on Woodrow Avenue.

I liked to collect old keys.

Sally and me in front of our house in the summer of 1963. We had a 1955 Pontiac.

Beside our house on Woodrow Avenue in Richmond in 1963.

At home on leave from Military service about 1968.