We deny it all!

Read this at least twice!

The views, opinions, and/or beliefs expressed herein are the views, opinions, and/or beliefs of selected USENET contributors and not the views of Dumb Usenet Awards. In fact, you can generally assume they are the opposite of our views, being we find them DUMB!

In no event shall Dumb Usenet Awards or any of its employees or officers be liable to any party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of this service or any documents delivered by it, even if Dumb Usenet Awards has been advised of the possibility of such damage.


Be Careful What You Say About Others.

Dumb Usenet Awards doesn't make anything available to Internet users that they couldn't already get some other way. If you believe that we have eliminated your privacy, it's good to remember that your privacy was compromised immediately upon posting to Usenet. It's very dumb to believe that posting information that can be damaging to others or yourself is a safe act just because of the perceived obscurity of where it's being posted.


We have no wish to archive a person's post if they wish them not to be archived. For this reason, we follow the X-No-Archive standard for users excluding posts from Usenet search engines.

Including the following x-headers in any post you make

x-no-archive: yes

will cause your article to be ignored by Dumb Usenet Awards. If your software does not allow the editing of headers, you can include this line in the first line of the body of your message.