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United Dance Experience

The goals of United Dance Experience are many, though quite simple.

For the Company...
  • The main goal is for the Company to become entirely self-contained so as not to rely solely upon donations and funding from outside sources as a primary means of support. However, in the Company's beginning stages, outside funding will play a necessary and important role in the creation of it's early concerts.
  • Another goal is to produce at least two major concerts per year, and possibly smaller showcases and/or benefit performances.
  • A long term goal is for a full time commitment from Company members with the possibility of touring neighboring cities.
  • A final goal is to increase the community's level of cultural awareness through the creativity of the visual and performing arts. The plan is to accomplish this goal through the use of lecture demonstrations, fund raisers, benefit concerts and donations to charities.
For the Dancers...
  • The primary goal is that the dancers are financially compensated for rehearsals and performances although it will probably take some time to reach this particular goal.
  • In addition, the dancers should have the opportunity to participate in Company classes on a regular basis in order to strengthen their unity as a Company.
  • By the integration of younger dancers into the Company it allows them to work in a professional atmosphere, and exposes them to the styles of guest artists, thereby aiding in their development as artists of integrity and maturity.
  • The  Company members will not only work as performers, but will also share  the responsibility of the production aspect of a young performing troupe.
For the Choreographers and Artistic Director...
  • To show the work of the Artistic Director and various Guest Choreographers to the community.
  • To have a positive influence on younger dancers and the community.
  • To make financial and artistic donations to various charitable organizations.


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