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This project is a series of pages constructed as a required assignment for Victoria University of Wellington's MLIS paper: LIBR 533 Advanced Information Retrieval.   This particular page is an overview of the intent & layout of my project.


This site is a selected, annotated catalogue of  WWW hypertext documents (or "articles") which I consider useful to those studying the Ancient History of Egypt, especially Middle Kingdom & New Kingdom/Empire periods. (cf. Items excluded, below)

Indexes to the catalogue

The annotations/reviews themselves are on a series of web-pages in no particular order.   The best way to reach a relevant review is by one of the following indexes, based on the original article's:

  1. Author -- the names of  the author(s) / editor(s) / compiler(s),  after the style given on the web-document.   If there is no clear personal "author" or maintainer, an appropriate corporate author has been entered.   If there are more than three names, then only the first name is in the index.
  2. Title -- or first heading, if there is no obvious title.   Arranged alphabetically.   Any initial grammatical article (A, An, The) is omitted.   The title of the HTML-source is also indexed, if it is significantly different from the web-document's title.
  3. Key-term -- upto 50 appropriate key-word or key-phrases, arranged alphabetically relating to the article itself.   Additional, explanatory text has been added to some terms.   Entries in the index are under consistent standardized forms.
  4. Chronological term -- appropriate time spans (periods, dynasties, individual reigns) as used in the article itself.   Entries in the index are in the form and chronological order given in the Cambridge Ancient History, 3rd ed.

Structure of the annotations

Every annotation has the following order:

All articles were last visited 17-Feb-97, or later.

Items excluded from the scope

Other Catalogues

Because I have limited this catalogue to articles; don't assume that there are no other suitable indexes or catalogues.   In fact, I heartily recommend ABZU's REGIONAL INDEX: EGYPT, an experimental guide to Ancient Near Eastern Internet resources.   It is an Associate Site of the Argos search engine under the auspices of The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago.   Note especially its own indexes of

About me

I'm Michael Parkinson.   I have an M.A.(Hons) Auck. in Ancient History, and have just completed a M.L.I.S. Vic.   I work at the Acquisitions dept. in the University of Auckland library.

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