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of passed 1996 University of Auckland M.A. theses

by Michael Parkinson

LIBR550 Research Project FINAL REPORT, due 10 October 1997.
School of Communications and Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington

Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Julien.


My thanks go to Dr. Heidi Julien. Her swift replies to my drafts and questions were ever prompt, friendly, and clear. Like Virgil on Mount Purgatory, she guided, encouraged, and taught.


  1. Problem statement
  2. Literature review (this chapter is split into 1st & 2nd halves)
  3. The model
  4. Study objectives
  5. The sample
  6. Applying the model
  7. Methodology
  8. Data analysis
  9. Research questions
  10. Discussion of hypothesis results
  11. Research questions
  12. Conclusions
Appendix: List of the theses
[Data and graphs] 

This project was transcribed to HTML, with minor adaptations, June 1998.

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