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This document describes the places mapped by Amelia Thexton-Pendragon, guildmember.
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MITTELMARKHAUPSTADT, a.k.a. MMHS,is strategically placed on the oldest trade-route of the baronies. In the time of the last Kings, this city was the capital of the Margraviate of MITTELMARK; but the city itself is prehistoric. It is predominantly carved out of a volcano-like spur. Some streets are too steep for wheeled transport.
For the past 4 centuries, while most of the province of Mittelmark has been lost to the House of Aquila, the virtually impregnable city-state of MMHS has been ruled by those former Stewards of the Margraves, the Grafs of Midheim. MMHS's relatively safe history and proximity to Elfheim has led to a small, but pronounced, Elvish presence in the city. Goods and services in MMHS are usually more expensive than other cities in the Baronies (and occasionally worth it). Paradoxically, MMHS has both a strong local culture and a cosmopolitan world-view. The city's wealth and spectacular festivals have engendered a sense of "High Society"; before the Current War many petty nobles and merchant-princelings would winter in MMHS (if they could afford to), usually from the Harvest festival to the Spring-festival.
Since the war, the city has been doing even better - as a nexus for spies, arms-dealers and the better sorts of refugee. Major Resources : Trade and Accommodation (especially in luxuries); skilled craftsmen and Guilds; medicinal Baths; Magical University; Good-living; History; some technological innovation; etc.

(2) in the Barony of HOCHLAND

A ridge extends approximately north from Mittelmarkhaupstadt to the Elven Mountains, like a backbone to the Barony of Hochland. On the west side hangs the forest, a source of good timber; on the east flank lie vinyards, farmlands and pasture.
The wine of Hochland is predominantly white and exported in barrels through the baronies. It is well-known as cheap and acceptable plonk, a tafelwein for the masses (as opposed to, say, a '58 Borderlay)

(3) in the Waldgraviate of Drakwood

The forest of Drakwood is the major Midheim border, from Gracht and Syborite in the north to Borderlay in the Southeast; but South of MMHS it takes on a dark and twisted nature. Of course, trespassing through Drakwood-in-Hochland is equally fatal, but without all those unpleasant forebodings.
For military reasons, Drakwood (meaning, in effect, that part of Drakwood South of MMHS) is the country's premier "barony", viewed as a frontier between the city's bread-basket county and its natural enemy and trading partner, the Duchy of Aquila. The trees have not the quality of the timber from Hochland, so the lumber is used as charcoal rather than for construction. A forestry conservation programme is also operational here. The Waldgrave (Viscount is the nearest Common equivalent), is C-in-C of the country's rangers; skirmishers; and other "irregular forces", the correct euphemism for several strange characters (even before the wars).
Many of MMHS's petty nobility and merchants (much the same thing) enjoy hunting in the woods. This must be done under the view of the Graf's Master of the Hunt (Prince Tirsi, the elf), a frequent companion and friend of the Waldgrave.

(4) in Middenland

The District of Middenland is most of the original "home county" of the Grafs of Midheim and is the major source of food and wine for the city. The area is administered, from Karlheim, by the Landvogt [the approximate equivalent of a Royal Sherif] &, under him, the Stewards. The Landvogt and Stewards are personally appointed by the Graf for an indefinite period (i.e.: until the loss of favour, life, or both), and these rewarding positions are often the goals of the politically active of MMHS. All the "towns" below are really Administrative centres: villages where there is a Steward.
In practice, the river valley from Kowdorf to Grenzstadt is extensively farmed, but the rest of the district is mostly waste or pasture. The wines of Middenland include both red (mainly "dry sack") and white (which is usually called "Hoch" - in fact Middenland produces more Hoch than Hochland does).

(5) in the Barony of Grenzstadt

This Barony was created when the recent War broke out and invested on the Captain of MMHS's elite mounted guards, the Night-riders. Most of the territory comprises the former barony of Blutsanger, whose last Baron disappeared about the time the Vampire Count of Borovia was overthrown. To this district was added the market-town of Grenzstadt (formerly in Middenland).
Apart from the valley around Grenzstadt itself, the Barony is essentially heathland and waste stretching up to the Borovian forest. The Grenzstadt-Borovia Highway and Kreuznung-Knoblauch road are of superb quality, completed in 1989 by the [former] Countess of Syborite (now living in Borovia).

Foreign Places On The Map

The County Palatinate of Borovia

This land is jointly ruled by Anastasia Desiree and Kree Tajin, guildmembers who overthrew the former ruler (a vampire).

The County of Gracht

The Duchy of Aquila

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