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Brief Gazetteer for DQ

This is the rough, working version of the Gazetteer of Places on the Plane of Alusia. -- File last updated 8-Jan-99.
GMs & players: please email corrections to (also any questions, but I can't promise that answers will emerge).  A prettier version will be loaded once the details below are correct. 


B.= Baron (of) Bss = Baroness (of) cf  or qv = see also Ct = Count (of)
Ctss = Countess (of) D. = Duke (of) Dss = Duchess (of) E. = east(ern)
K. = King Lang. = main language(s) N. = north(ern) POI = place(s) of interest
Pop = Population S = south(ern) tr. = translated W. = west(ern)
* denotes a guild-member.
Entries in Title Case (e.g., Fort Boris) are towns, castles, or a small barony about such a place, etc.
Entries in UPPER CASE (e.g., AQUILA) are larger territories, regions, or states.

Large, long island wilderness claimed by DESTINY, but not settled. Pop: orc warbands, ossegrim, other monsters.  POI: Mt. Victory (a female Ziggyan Monastery).  Resources: Orcs, rumoured gold mines.  GM MikeP
Queendom: on N. side of the Alfheim Mountains, largely wooded, some open cultivated areas.  There are paths through the forest, but most transportation uses canals and barges/canal-boats with magical hulls drifting under their own power.  All the cities are odd: single huge trees, or over multiple trees, or made of crystal and silver.  cf Eidolon.  Pop: lots of elves.  Lang.: Elvish, money.  External vassals: ELFANBURG, The ELVAN ISLES. GM JonoB, MartinD
Subterranean Drow city, somewhere in GUJERAT.  Lang.: Drow VIPs: Jewel (Vampire friend of *Thorn).  GM MikeP
Former iarldoms or chiefdoms, now Baronies of DESTINY: islands and adjacent headlands N. of CALATRAVA, once home to clans of fur-clad heavy-drinking longboat raiders & their thralls.  Pacified by K. Carlos of DESTINY.  Lang.: AlmaVivan, Destinian.  VIPs: B. Ravenswoood, etc. GM MikeP
Duchy: high steppe-land of RANITERRE, beside the Mountains of Madness; scene of several, historic bloody massacres by Plaz'Torans.  Pop.: 3M.  Typical locals are dour & dutiful inhabitants of fortified small-holdings who delight greatly in their misery.  Occasionally raided by wild pixies.  Lang.: Raniterran.  GM MikeP
Barony: purchased from, & vassal to, D. CAZALA.  POI: Hostel of the Silver Drake.  Lang.: Dragonish, Elvish, Common.  VIP: *B. Prudence, ancient dragon-slayer, Guild veterinarian, step-son of Alberich of ELFANBURG.  GM MikeP
Duchy: now part of the [New] WESTERN KINGDOM.  Lang.: Folksprach VIP: D. Frederick (the Regent).  POI: Counties of BORDERLAYEINSBERGINNSLEBIN, OSTOW, SYBORITE; Baronies of Baratary, Mulberry; Towns of Innesburg, Rederring, Sedgemoor.  GM MartinD, IanW, MikeP
Duchy: in RANITERRE.  Highland moors leading to savage forests.  Armides are considered uncivilized barbarians: brave but brutish; strong in back & odour; either fiercely faithful or cunningly treacherous; possessed of an animal charm when not drunk.  Exports: plaid cloth, Armide (a sweet grain liquor), monster skins.  Pop.: 200,000.  Lang.: Raniterran (in a brad accent).  GM MikeP
Various countries: usually city states; mostly roughlands & deserts.  Major Resources: trade, spices, jewels.  Lang.: Arabiq.  GM JacquiS
Duchy: the maritime province of RANITERRE.  Bad wine; good beer.  Pop.: 1M Bret; some others.  The Bret (or lake-people) are a human nation, anciently from the Baronies, perceived by the rest of the country as stubborn, hotheaded, provincial, stupid, but honest.  Recently increased trade with DESTINY. Lang.: Bret (closely related to Folksprach & some other Baronies tongues), Raniterran, Common.  POI: New Capital at Pearly Bay (formerly Arcoston); Palace of the Pearly gates.  VIPs: D. Guido (former Brandenburg War-hero) & Dss Pearl, mind-mage (known to many guildmembers as Ctss Oberthal); Ct & Ctss UnterOberthal; Lord Bothways.  GM MikeP
Empire: the last [legally divine] emperor is in permanent hibernation, following a recent civil war [ended 792 WK].  Now ruled by Regents.  The empire comprises 6 independent Satrapies (like duchies); most of which are highly isolationist & suspicious of outsiders.  Foreigners should not enter uninvited.  Little local foreign trade.  Each Satrapy is partitioned into Nomes (like counties).  A realm of contrasts: bridges of solid light, floating islands, ships that fly, interplanar trade portal; but feudal serfs forbidden to own money, & naval vessels driven by non-magical winds.  Pop.: about 95% humans; some hobbits, dwarves, Erulein (following the Great Flights of 109 WK); very few elves.  An Azurian elf is typically a male non-mage; robuster, but stupider, than his Western cousins.  Lang.: Common has entirely replaced the many original, historical tongues (since 401 WK, the ascension of Empress Caroline, d. 597 WK) but in Kingdom, rather than Western, alphabet.  POI: BROAD SOUNDS; City of Emerald walls (the Imperial capital).  VIPs: Thorn (vampire, has employed several parties).  GM MikeP
Barony: a broad valley down-river of Innesburg, now part of AQUILA.  Resources: vegetables (especially cabbage).  GM MikeP
Town: the County seat of INNSLEBIN (qv)
Town & seat of Bss  Hochland .  GM MikeP
County: a town, on the North Road, and attached valleys.  The lack of fortified homes and castles predates its current vassalage to AQUILA, when K. Sigismund created the very first duchy, presenting Bordelay as a hunting preserve for his bastard son Edderick -- and creating a demilitarized zone between the belligerent Marches of BOWCOURT & Mittelmark (cf MMHS).  Resource: superb wines.  Lang.: Common, Elvish, Folksprach.  VIP: Ct Bertrand; Chancellor.  GM IanW, MikeP
County Palatine: N. of MIDHEIM, on a new highway (and canal via subterranean tunnel) to ALFHEIM through the new mountain pass.  Resources: trade; forests.  POI: Portal to KIN-LU Lang.: Common, Elvish? VIPs: *Ct Kree Tajin, *Ctss Anastasia Desiré, *Admiral (B. Silverfoam); Mayor Ismark.  GM MartinD
Ancient Marquisate: established over 1100 years ago, originally an Elven protectorate.  The rulers have almost always been female and inheritance is usually matrilineal.  Now part of the New W. KINGDOM.  Major resources: wine, history, forest, mines.  Lang.: Lalangue.  VIP: Her Radiance, Marquessa Dulciena.  POI: Arch'pric of MORDEAUX; County of FOXCOURT; Viscounties of CHAGNY, VOLE. GM MartinD
Duchy. Lost the recent wars.
Castellancy: vassal of, W. of, & settled by, Cazala.  Capital is Castle Brastor.  A broad valley, a buffer between CAZALA and the plains barbarians of the SEA OF GRASS.  The "Castellan Borderers" are military forces patrolling the E. edge of this territory, especially around the Choth Gap.  Lang: Common.  Resources: grazing pastures, herds of cattle.  Guild members have occasionally done military service in the Borderers, who are glad to have the occasional mage as part of their force.  POI: Westgate, Singerton,
Nome: port city & surrounding district in AZURIA; its Nomarch is the country's Lord High Admiral.  Effectively the city is the only part of the Empire open to foreigners — even so, great care must be exhibited by visitors, especially non-nobles.  Lang.: Common.  GM MikeP
N. islands of NORDEN.
Former Marquisate, now absorbed by the Kingdom of DESTINY. VIP (technically): *Don Jon Fenris, brother-in-law to K. Carlos of DESTINY.
Duchy, its capital is Seagate.  Lang.: Common.  VIP: D. Leto. POI: Castellancy of BRASTOR HOLDINGS; Baronies of Anticasala, Newhaven; The town of Seacroft.
Castle Brastor
Capital of BRASTOR HOLDINGS, the town is built on a large, flat spur of land thrust out from a squat mountain. The walls follow the edge of the spur, adding to the natural cliff of over 50 feet. The actual castle is built into a taller spine of stout rock and is court to the Castellan. Family crypts for the rich and ennobled are located at the rear of the spine where it meets the mountain. POP: 5,000. POI: 24 hr market, Crypts, Castle, the Gardens. VIP: Castellan, heads of  the various brigades of the Castellan Borderers. GM IanW
Viscounty: vassal of BOWCOURT.  Current Viscount known to be a mind-mage and to employ other mages.  GM MartinD
Duchy: has satellite states & Orcish neighbours.  GM WilliamD
Kingdom: the Home Islands are an Archipelago in narrow straits between ALBA LONGA & the Continent.  Pop 80,000+; with about 400,000 more in distant colonies, military outposts, or dependant states.  Major Resources: navy/ trading-fleets with superior vessels, air mages, water mages.  The 1/2M-strong empire is socially dominated by the officer class of about 750 (the Dons), considered proud/arrogant, touchy, given to wearing lace, satin, ornate black clothing, diamonds.  Lang.: Destinian (a.k.a. Calatravan or Espagnola); some dependant states have own languages.  VIPs: K. Carlos, Council of Ten (including Cardinal DeFuca), Don Rodrigo de Posa. Vassal regions now included ALMA VIVA, PLAZ'TORO, Duchy of TOLEDO; Fortified city ports of Granbuque, and San Miguel.  GM MikeP
Fortified capital port on the largest island in Kingdom of DESTINY (see above).  Pop 13,000 + Mercenaries.  Vitally dependent on sea-trade for essentials & luxuries; an extensive range of foreign goods is available. POI: Cathedral; Palace; Naval yards; Weaponsmiths; .  GM MikeP
Waldgraviate: This forest is the major MIDHEIM border, from SYBORITE in the N. to  BORDERLAY in the S.E.; but S. of MMHS the forest takes on a dark and twisted nature -- too warped to produce timber.  For military reasons, this S. part is the country's premier "barony", viewed as a frontier between the metropolis's bread-basket and its natural enemy and trading partner, AQUILA.  Trespassing through Drakwood-in- Hochland  is equally fatal, but without such unpleasant forebodings.  Major Resources: charcoal; wood rangers; game; herbs; hunting for MMHS’s gentry.  VIPs: Prince Tirsi, an elf, the Graf's Master of the Hunt; the Waldgrave.  GM MikeP
County: small, maritime, mountainous country up the coast from PLAZ'TORO.  Exports: olives, goat cheese, thugs, herbs.  Lang.: Ebolan, Destinian, Common.  POI: None.  VIPs: "Princess" Ebola, heiress/ruler, amateur fire-mage; her cousin, B. Scarpia, E&E head of DESTINY's Secret Police in the South.  GM MikeP
Capital of ALFHEIM, a dual city: ancient, excessively civilized, exorbitantly expensive.  Selkai (the lower city) is on the lake's surface, criss-crossed with canals.  Eidolon (the upper city), floating about a mile above Selkei, resembles a circular step-pyramid. All of the real nobs and royalty live up here.  The wide, lowest stage of Eidolon has huge trading warehouses and docks for the fleet of Elven flying-ships, which don't visit the Baronies, because they're too politically unstable.  Almost anything may be bought at Eidolon including minor magical items (if easily reproducible or desired in quantity -- e.g., armour and weapons) ... but it is all hideously expensive (about 4x Seagate cost): e.g., good boots in Seagate (20sp) are 10 [Selini] in Selkai (8 Seagate sp = 1 silver Selini).  GM MartinD, JonoB
County of AQUILA. the war and consequent loss of the westernmost part of Aquila to lawless wilds have transformed this sleepy hollow into a major stagin area for Aquilan forces. Einsberg is now sandwiched between Aquila, Barretskyne, Trollkyne and the wilds. Lang: Folksprach, common. POI: the North Road, Yarrow (qv). GM IanW
Barony: old human city & surrounding valley; client-state of ALFHEIM.  Ancient source of plagues.  Resources: trade, starsilver mine, poisonous plants, magic.  POI: Lang.: Elvish, Old Kravonian, Common? VIPs: B. Anastasius-Grendl (son of *Grendl, Guild necromancer); *Silken; Ambassador Prospero; Treasurer Alberich; Lady *Seren, the Burgraf.  GM  MikeP, LisaR,
Principality: vassal of ALFHEIM.  Archipelago consisting of 7 major islands and over a dozen minor ones some ?? miles W.N.W. of Seagate.  GM MartinD
Barony: vassal of FOXCOURT, created in 221. "Faircourt" was a form of cant on "Foxcourt" in Common -- particularly a reversal of the false heart origin of that name, and also a corruption of fer coeur, or more correctly coeur de fer, meaning Iron heart in La Langue.  VIP: B. Faircourt (Sebastien de Malvallet).  GM MartinD
Theocracy: 3500 sq. miles of little-known low-lying swamp & varied monsters --the Vapours having caused gross degeneracy in the populace.  Rumoured recent improvements.  POI: The Reunified Church of St. Theoderick.  Lang.: Antiquated Common.  GM MartinD
Fort Boris
Military castle: recently completed, on the North Road.  Overlooks the narrow river-valley that is the demarcation between Grenzstadt and the foreign County of BORDERLAY.  GM MikeP
Fort Drakwood
The seat of DRAKWOOD is a military camp, not a castle; the base of operations for Forest rangers and civilian charcoal-burners.  It changes location when all the suitable wood has been harvested from a particular place, but the main road remains a permanent feature.  GM MikeP, IanW
BOWCOURT's N-most county.  Resources: warpstone, treachery.  Current ruler is still Ct Richard "Tricky Dicky" Foxcourt, despite being reduced to ashes during the Baronies War.  Foxcourt is unusual within the BOWCOURT area for usually having patrialinear inheritance.  Lang.: Lalangue.  VIP: Ct Richard. POI: Warpstone mine where the demon emperor Ahruman is making dwarves; also the vassal Baronies Faircourt and Newcourt. GM MartinD
Kingdom on the W. side of the Inland Sea.  POI: Cities of Agerheim, Muspelheim, & Niflheim.
Barony: small rocky island with high cliffs, treacherous tides, and a ruined abbey.  Close to Sanctuary.  Recently purchased, freehold, from the D. RANKE.  Home to *Serendipity (Lady Godhill).  GM MikeP
County: non-militant, bucolic, highland region N. of SYBORITE.  Causes nausea in death-aspected persons.  Resources: food, beer, mead, forests.  Pop: perhaps 5000+ hobbits; 200 humans; 1 giant.  POI: Mt. Gravenrest; the High Drop Inn; Castle Gracht; City-Bywater; the Long Canal; Monastery of Tarnheim; Schloss Jotenburg.  Lang.: Halfling, Common.  VIPs: Graf Alfred-Grendl XVI (son of *Grendl the Guild necromancer); *B. & *Bss Jotenburg (Arthur & Amelia Pendragon); *Motley A. Giant (alias Old Mott).  GM MikeP
Fortified city-port: military & trade outpost of DESTINY.  Pop 5,000.  Lang.: Destinian VIP: Don Castor.
Granite Peak Dwarven Hold
City-state: some 500 mi. E of HighCastle, dug into a granite spire (Granite Peak).  The Hold descends deeply into the roots of the Alfheim Mtns.  A magical tunnel system, with entrances along the length of the mountains, allows one to walk to the Hold in about 3 days from the guild; the Dwarves have had good relations with guild members in the past.  Cf: New Misericordia; South Gate.  GM AdamT
Barony: created when the recent War broke out and invested on the Captain of MMHS's elite mounted guards.  It comprises the former barony of Blutsanger, whose last Baron disappeared about the time the Vampire Ct of BOROVIA was overthrown, and the market-town of Grenzstadt (formerly in MIDDENLAND).  Apart from the valley around Grenzstadt itself, the Barony is essentially heathland and waste stretching to the Borovian forest.  The Grenzstadt-Borovia Highway and Kreuznung-Knoblauch road are of superb quality, completed in 789 by the [former] Ctss of SYBORITE.  Major Resources: agriculture; tobacco; wine; through-traffic; lead; trade.  POI: Fort Boris.   GM MikeP
A tropical region of various small nations ruled by Beys, Rajahs, & similar princelings.  Some valleys & subterranean sites controlled by Drow.
City-state: in a northern spur of the Alfheim Mountains, W. of ALFHEIM, N.W. of Granite Peak.  Old Dwarven-built city incorporating vast underground workings with living areas below and above ground (the Undercity & the Vales).  Pop.: circa 30,000, 2/3rds Dwarf, 1/3rd Goblin (serfs), almost no other races.  City ruled by an Assembly of the leaders of the five city clans.  The city is falling into poverty, with large derelict areas and a lot of crime.  Citizens (i.e.. dwarves) carry weapons openly, goblins may not bear arms.  Resources: iron, wood, cheap labour, skilled stone & metal artisans; summer trade routes to Western Marches & ALFHEIM.  HighCastle is considered corrupt by other Dwarven societies.  Lang.: Dwarven, goblin, some Common.  GM RosemaryM
Dwarven Kingdom, peopled by Hoar Dwarves; "drink heeps".
Barony: on both sides of ridge extending N. from MMHS towards the Alfheim Mtns.  Resources: Good timber, horses, wine, farmlands and pasture.  Erulein Forest Wardens.  The wine of Hochland is predominantly white and exported in barrels throughout the baronies -- a cheap and acceptable plonk, a tafelwein for the masses (as opposed to, say, a '58 Borderlay).  Considered excessively rustic by the inhabitants of MMHS. POI: Bergsburg.  GM MikeP
Town at the mouth of the River Tain in N. RANKE (cf Tainsfield).  POI: Lighthouse (run by Apollo, a solar mage friendly to the Guild).  GM KeithS
glacially fed freshwater lake, the size of a large sea.  Surrounded by many cities.
Town (now under military governorship) where the North Road crosses the Baratary river.  A former, poor, republican city-state, on windswept moors -- the invasion of which, by AQUILAN & BOWCOURT troups, was a minor causus belli of the recent wars.  Pop: 9,000.  Lang.: Folksprach, Common.  Resources: ironworks & mines; wool; cheap accommodation for travellers bound elsewhere.  VIP: Colonel Radetsky, the military governor.  GM MikeP, IanW, MartinD
County: of AQUILA, east of the Ffenargh river, west of BORDERLAY. Mostly rural and just self sufficient, bouyed by having New North Road running through it. POI: Barcela (county seat); Yathow. VIP: Falsham (constable). Lang: common, Folksprach, Lalangue. GM IanW
Dwarven Kingdom, peopled by Hoar Dwarves; "drink heeps" not to be confused with the HIGHFASTNESS tribes.
*Arthur's seat, a lakeside castle on the borders of GRACHT.
An other name for GIANTLAND, or perhaps merely a region of it.
Kingdom: in the Far East.
Town -- see MIDDENLAND.
City & surrounding County: capital of RANITERRE, several miles across, bisected by the River.  Large Artisans District; the Royal "Quarter" is an immense Palace (said to exceed 1000 rooms) set in an expansive system of gardens and bordered by several hundred town houses (of varying quality) of the country's premier nobles.  Nearby POI: the open parkland of the Royal Hunt; the "public" Woods of Baloney.  Pop.: 2M.  Lang.: Raniterran.  VIPs Cardinal Messepain (Vampire), head of the Church; Ct of Lutice (the private persona of the King).  Bordered by the Duchies of ARMIDERODELLEALSINE.  GM MikeP
Empire.  Decadent.  POI: a great creater which is the High Mana centre of a large low-mana region.  GM MikeY
Ward: forms the border between BOWCOURT and BORDERLAY (AQUILA), streching from ELFANBURG in the east to INNSLEBIN. Very light and magestic woods yet with a sense of doom for those that set axe to tree. The North Road runs through it and travellers who stay on the road need not fear banditry. Pop: Wereelf exiles. Resources: none. POI: Hunting Lodge. VIP: Blazer (elf?), *Thorn. GM IanW
Coastal Barony: on the W. border of the FFENARGHH swamp.  An unexceptional barony, except for its run of bad luck with off-plane invasions, necromancers, and general carnage.  GM AdamT
District: the major source of food & wine for MMHS; the remnants of the original "home county" of the Grafs of MMHS.  Administered, from Karlheim, by the Landvogt (like Sheriff) & his Stewards -- keenly sought, juicy appointments for politically ambitious MMHS gentry.  The river valley from Kowdorf to Grenzstadt is extensively farmed, but the rest of the district is mostly waste or pasture.  The wines of the Middenland include both red ("dry sack") and white (usually "Hoch").  GM MikeP
Artificial name, used by foreigners, to describe the independent "County" ruled by the Grafs of Mittelmarkhauptstadt -- i.e. MMHS; & the MIDDENLAND;   DRAKWOODHochland ; and Grenzstadt.   GM MikeP, IanW
Mittelmarkhauptstadt (MMHS)
Grafdom: prehistoric, defensive city strategically placed on the North Road, predominantly carved out of a volcano-like spur. MMHS was the capital of the Margraves of Mittelmark whose outerlying land have since been incorporated into the Duchy of AQUILA. What's left is called MIDHEIM.  Much that the city sells is very expensive (and occasionally worth it).  Paradoxically, MMHS has both a strong local culture and a cosmopolitan world-view.  The city's wealth and spectacular festivals have engendered a sense of "High Society"; before the War many petty nobles and merchant princelings would winter in MMHS, if they could afford to, usually from the Harvest-festival to the Spring-festival.  During the war, the city thrived -- as a nexus for spies, arms-dealers, and the better sorts of refugee.  Major Resources : accommodation & trade (especially in luxuries); skilled craftsmen & guilds; medicinal baths; magical university; good living; history; some technological innovation; etc.  POI: Cathedral; Baths; MUMS; shops; Opferhaus; Grafsmund. Warning: some streets are too steep for wheeled transport. Lang.: Reichspiel.  VIP: Graffin Flavia, Dr F. Einstein the "healer", *Isel Eth, etc.  GM MikeP, IanW,
see Mittelmarkhauptstadt above.
Archbishopric: vassal of BOWCOURT.  An unusual area within BOWCOURT where the temporal authorities are drawn directly from the Western Church.  The area is still essentially feudal in its government with chapter houses holding land from abbots, who in turn hold it from Archbishop Mordeaux.  GM MartinD
Barony: vassal of BOWCOURT.  The current B., Henri de Mulberry is known to be a Shaper.  His twin brother, Sir William (Guillame), one of the greatest modern philosophers & an expert on theoretical magic, is a well-known advisor to the royal court (W. KINGDOM).  Both brothers are somewhat eccentric [fancy term for unbalanced].  GM MartinD
The warm fire-region of GIANTLAND.
? Lang.: Dwarven?
Duchy: One of the two major river valleys of RANITERRE; a narrow stretch of extensively farmed land lying uneasily between the Arid Desert & the Mountains of Madness.  There are many military forts on the desert's edge and the locals are often in combat with various tribes of desert-dwellers.  Neverlanders are traditionally impulsive, vicious and unforgiving; they make deadly foes and dangerous allies.  Pop.: 6M; some dwarves (especially in the Dread Duke's service).  Lang.: Raniterran.  VIPs: the Dread Duke, the Cardinal.  GM MikeP
New Misericordia
Town at the entrance of a glacial valley which is snow-bound for most of the year.  There are several Hill Giant steads along the valley.  The giants are friendly, mostly hunters/trappers, and they also breed mammoths.  Langs. (in order of prevalence): Common, Dwarven, Hillgiant & a trading tongue which is a combination of all of the other three.  Pop.: about 70% human; 20% Dwarves; 10% hill giant; very few inhabitants of other races.  Cf: South Gate; Granite Peak Dwarven Hold.  GM AdamT
Barony: vassal of FOXCOURT, in its N.E., and into the foothills of the Alfheim Mtns.  The name is a common corruption of the Lalangue Nuit Coeur (loosely tr. as Heart of Darkness).  The area has a very poor reputation; many strange beasts are said to inhabit the mountainous areas.  GM MartinD
New North Road
A recent development that links Bowcourt directly to Aquila, via INNSLEBIN and Innesburg -- in other words missing out MMHS. POI:...
Barony in CAZALA.  Lang.: Common.  VIP: *B. Logan.
The cold, N-most fog-bound region of GIANTLAND.
(Warning there is also a plane of this name -- no relation)
North Road
A fantastic road several yards wide and mostly straight, that remains hard even in winter and has survived since antiquity, probably the oldest trade-route in the baronies. All woods have been cleared to a distance of one furlong from the road. Good inns and towns are conveniently spaced along the road. The North Road runs from Sanctuary to DRAKENSBURG, and beyond. POI: Sanctuary, MORDEAU, BOWCOURT, MMHS, Innesberg & other parts of AQUILA, DRAKENSBURG,
Principality: on the River Mirimar, near its mouth.  this area is generally not conidered part of the baronies.
 -- see DeBOURGNAC
County of AQUILA, which used to be the border with ALADAR. Resources: cattle, trade, mercenaries. POI Yrel. VIP: C. Wilhem. Lang common, Folksprach. GM IanW,
Loose archipelago in the Southern Seas; Lang.: Pasifikan.  GM KeithS
Former duchy: Southern vassal of DESTINY; 800,000 sq. miles of Pampas, now under military government. The local gentry are called Hildagos and are the traditional foes of RANITERRE.  Suffered turbulent revolt when a guild party destroyed the magical infrastructure in 793WK.  Currently experiencing a slight Undead problem in the Capital City.  Pop 60,000 & falling (mostly on plantations).  Resources: Beef.  Lang.: Destinian. VIP: various Military Governors, regularly assassinated.  GM MikeP
Port Artz
Kingdom: large, populous country with a swash-buckling dueling-mad gentry.  Very poor -- in provincial cities, foreign gold coins are sometimes mistaken for coppers.  Bad wine.  Magic is normally only taught through The Church, a confederation of many demon-cults.  Pop.: 20M ; some hobbits; sporadic Drow politely supposed by all to be Erulein; rare Dwarves (usually found in NEVER).  Most locals live in small rural villages; but the Capital, LUTICE, is almost impossibly populous (2M). All the other cities are very much smaller -- but still large, by Baronies' standards (@10,000+).  The Country has a rapid heliograph/semaphore system.  All birds & bats supposedly report to the Cardinal.  Lang.: Raniterran (a Drow-derived human tongue); Bret (in AVENAL).  POI: the Mountains of Madness, LUTICE, ARMIDERODELLEALSINE.   VIPs Cardinal Messepain (the Vampire); and most nobles (except Marquises).  GM MikeP
Duchy.  Nominal Overloard of Sanctuary.  Other POI: Towns of Ilsig, Silverstream, Tainsfield, and Windermere.  GM" KeithS, JacquiS, MikeY, MartinD,
Small town on the North Road, 1 day W. of Innesburg, owned by Sir Leschflow de Rederring, formerly flunky to the pretender Black Stefan of GRACHT, now a loyal servant of the Regent (the D. AQUILA).  GM MikeP
"Here be super-orcs"..
Duchy: most populous duchy of RANITERRE (Pop. 8M).  Typical Rodellains are rustic, blunt, insensitive, placid-to-jolly, & pious (within moderation).  Lang.: Raniterran.  GM MikeP
San Juan
Capital City of the Duchy of TOLEDO, and where the infamous Dago-Squid alliance of 797 was signed.  Pop 8,000.    Lang.: Toledan, Destinian.  VIP: Duke Nasr al-Khan.  GM MikeP
San Miguel
Fortified city-port; military & trade outpost of DESTINY.  Pop 10,000.  Lang.: Destinian VIP: Don Alfonso.  GM MikeP
City (&Principality): Major port of RANKE.
barony: in upper AQUILA.  GM MartinD
Town in CAZALA, home of several active & retired Guild characters.  POI: The Took Inn, Kryan's Tower.  VIPs: *Marym; *Borgoff; *Kryan.
mostly harmless.  You are here (or in CAZALA, if you can see the bigger picture).
Realm betwe CAZALA and the LUNAR EMPIRE.  Ruled by the Queen of the Plains people, who are hippocentric nomads.
Small town on the North Road, 1 day E. of Innesburg, Formerly open, it was fortified during the war to reinforce its de facto status as AQUILA's border post on the highway into MIDHEIM.  Now bypassed by the New North Road. POI: Red Rose Inn. VIP: Red Rose.  GM MikeP
-- see Eidolon
Town at the junction of the Silverstream & Bluewater Rivers.  GM JacquiS
Town some 100 miles south east of BRASTOR HOLDINGS, on the edge of the valley leading to NOVADOM. The original inhabitants were almost wiped out by magical plague, although the source is now destroyed. Recently re-established by the descendents of survivors. Moderately independent of both Brastor and Novadom, Singerton is very exposed to any raiding party. Resources: Inn, loot left by raiders. POI: Barrow, brownie-town, Old town. VIP: Ivan (leader of Moske brownie clan); Bss Darienne Pavethe (of Lewiston, Brastor Holdings); Capt. Phillip Singer (Mayor, formerly of Castellan Borderers (qv Brastor Holdings)). GM IanW
South Gate
A small, walled city about a third of the way up the valley from New Misericordia (cf).  South Gate is nestled into the steep side of the glacial valley; it is at the lower end of the pass into the mountains which eventually reaches Granite Peak Dwarven Hold (cf).  GM AdamT
N-most island of CAITHNESS.
County: long possessed by the house of AQUILA.  Previous Ctss is a daughter of the current D. Aquila, the present Regent of the W. KINGDOM.  The county is a mixture of fertile cwms (valleys which support fertile farms) and wilder moors (where many flocks graze, despite the depredation of Halfling sheep-rustlers from GRACHT).  Major resources: sheep/goats; farmlands; forests; magical garden.  Lang.: Folksprach, common? GM MartinD
The major seaport of N. RANKE, 50 miles inland on the River Tain (cf Ilsig).  Here the river is crossed by 3 bridges and is some 50’ wide.  It splits this dangerous city into Southside & Northside.  The Southside is run by the d'Tama family, the Northside by the Medici family.  Pop was 10,000 but has since been devastated by fires and plague.  Gangs of armed thugs roam the streets.  POI: Tuneful Tabor (a high-quality inn that welcomes foreign troubadours) GM KeithS
The far continent.  Very, very dangerous.  GM MartinD
Duchy: Eastern client-nation (vassal) of DESTINY.  Capital City is San Juan, where the infamous Dago-Squid alliance of 797 was signed.  Pop 50,000.  Resources: Forests, Hardwoods, spices and “herbs”, jewels, food.  Lang.: Toledan, Destinian.  VIP: Duke Nasr al-Khan.  GM MikeP
-- see HighCastle
-- see HighCastle
Viscounty in BOWCOURT, near a Druidic forest.  GM MartinD
Re-instituted (i.e. newly formed) from the marriage & conquests of AQUILA & BOWCOURT.  VIPs: K. Ulric "Schwartzrotgold" (Ulric II), b. 793; his father, the Regent (D. Frederick of Aquila).  GM MartinD
A walled town of BRASTOR HOLDINGS on S. side of the river, that has expanded across the small stream that initially formed a natural border. Frequently raided by hobbit and goblin bands, its curving roads demark the extent of the latest fires. the houses are in small blocks with a clay tile roof. Westgate Castle was built in a walled enclosure style, built in the centre of the town against a bend in the stream. Manors and farms on the southern extreme of the Westgate “area” have been abandoned after serial raiding and lie in ruins. Resources: carpenters, builders, cattle. POI: Castle Westgate; Whistling Wench (good inn); Plodding Ox (inn). POP: 2,000. VIP: B. Ludeck, Sir Rudolf (steward). GM IanW
Windermere Town
At S. end of the Windermere, a large lake in N. RANKE, where the Silverstream river flows out.  The town has smelly, muddy, thermal pools.  The lake is hundreds of feet deep and has merfolk & sea-serpents.  Ferries cross the lake (warily).  GM KeithS, JacquiS
Barony: vassal of EINSBERG, Aquila. On the trade route from Aquila (town) to DRAKENBURG. It is now very near the new "western" border of AQUILA. POI: Castle Yarrow, Abbey (can't remember who but not Urielite). VIP: B Bertrand, Bss Margeret, Julienne (sister of Margeret), Elizabeth (daughter of Bertrand and Julienne). Lang: Folksprach, common. GM IanW
Abbey for Urielite nutters, controlling about 150 square miles of INNSLEBIN. The Abbey is designed like a fortified mannor house, lies about 40 miles west of Barcela (the Cty seat of INNSLEBIN) and is rulled by Abbess Margeret. VIPS: Abbot Bertrand, Abbess Margeret, Jerome (seneschal). Lang: Urielite, common, Folksprach. GM IanW
Barony of OSTOW, Aquila. a very powerful castle and outlying keeps lining the mountains between AQUILA and ALADAR. the castle has 'spaced walls' with 'kill zones' between, and can house over 1000 men at arms. The barony is huge, with over 2000 knights; 10,000 men at arms plus assorted yeomanry. Bss Julianne was abducted by Ct Ostow durign the war and held hostage in Yathow Abbey against the B.'s good conduct. Major resources: Gold, charcoal, arms and armour (from imported ore). POI: Castle Yrel. VIPS: B Bertrand, Bss Julianne. Lang: common, Folksprach. GM IanW


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