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Brooklyn Bridge is not for sale:

Hardly anyone believes that the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale. Yet, almost no one knows that it can be leased or rented for extended periods of time. True, you must have a credit card and two pieces of identification, but otherwise there are no restrictions or requirements. For details click below:


A Money Making Opportunity

Became a part of Oklahoma's fastest growing industry, Christianity for profit with no holds barred. Define your own morals, ethics and dogma. Offer immediate salvation for a price. Sell entry into heaven for cash or credit. Accept most charge cards. Special discounts if paid with unmarked and untraceable small dollar bills. Fully tax deductible.


Pizza Through Internet!!!

It is now possible to order pizza from your PC through internet and have your pizza delivered through your modem. You must have a CD Rom Drive and a modem and be connected to the internet. You do need a valid credit card (VISA, MC, etc) and the CD Rom drive must be empty, since that is where your pizza will arrive.


Prostrate Exam from your Home via INTERNET

A new breakthrough in science lets you have a prostrate exam by expert doctors of the Mayo Clinic in the privacy of your own home.

All you have to do is to have your charge card ready, click the Check me out sign below, stick your charge card into your 3 1/2 diskette drive, remove your underpants and position your rear end in front of your monitor for 2 minutes. When the exam is done, your computer will emit a loud beep.

Your test results will be E-mailed to you in 24 hrs and you will be billed at the end of the month.

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Join Oklahoma Millitia Auxilliary

Protect yourself from extreme liberals and other normal people!

Just because you are backward, uneducated right-wing conservative bible pounder does not mean that you do not have the right to shoot anyone you wish. After all, the assault weapons that your constitution gives you the right to own, should be used to maintain their readiness to kill your wife, husband or neighbor at the wink of an eye..

Remember, there is strength in numbers, therefore join the Oklahoma Millitia Auxilliary. Be sure to check out our WEB PAGE for helpfull tips on bombs, booby-traps and explosives

To joing the OMA, please click below:

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