My Favorite Movies

I started watching horror films as a child. My favorite actors in this genre are Vincent Price, Lon Chaney, Jr., Barbara Steele, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. My favorite directors of horror and supernatural films are Alfred Hitchcock, Mario Bava, Roger Corman, John Carpenter, Brian DePalma, George Romero, David Cronenberg and Wes Craven.

It was later on in college that I discovered cult films and international cinema. My favorite cult movies (in no particular order) are:

  1. Eraserhead
  2. Freaks
  3. A Boy and His Dog
  4. Carnival of Souls
  5. Hypnotic Eye
  6. Bladerunner
  7. The Usual Suspects
  8. 12 Monkeys
  9. Harold and Maude
  10. Raising Arizona

My favorite foreign film directors are: Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Bernardo Bertolucci, Luis Bunuel, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa and Francois Truffaut.
My 10 favorite movies of all time (in no particular order) are:
  1. 2001, A Space Odyssey
  2. Fantasia
  3. Citizen Kane
  4. The Wizard of Oz
  5. The Ten Commandments
  6. Amadeus
  7. Vertigo
  8. Amarcord
  9. The Seventh Seal
  10. The Last Emperor

Honorable mentions go to Cinema Paradiso, The Shawshank Redemption and The Fugitive.