There is an old b&w photo of my father and some other GIs standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe. They are happy to be in Paris, even though it is cold and wet. I understand. There is something about being in Paris that transcends all else; can you imagine Count Basie recording an album called "April In Lyon"? Can you imagine Julia Child writing a book called "Mastering the Art of Hungarian Cooking"? Could the Mona Lisa hang anywhere but the Louvre? So, on one level, there is really no sense in writing a "travelogue" of Paris. For any other city one needs facts but not Paris; Just go there and experience it for yourself. UNLESS you are an obsessive- compulsive, romantic cynic who simply must communicate the results of your travel experiment to as many people as possible--hence this homepage.

Many travelers had told me that they liked France least of all European countries because the people were generally rude and hostile. Still others said they had a wonderful time (the theory is that once you get out of Paris people are nice), and one in particular goes only to France! So, I was interested to see for myself. Let me illustrate my findings!

Brasserie de L'Est Restaurant on Boulevard de Strasbourg!!!!!