Curriculum Vitae

Chandikusum started her studies of classical indian dance in "Bharata-Natyam" style, in 1988. In 1991 she decided to devote herself to this beautiful art. Then she started a intensive training in the rigorous "Pandanallur" school of Bharata-Natyam, under the guidance of Smt Amala Devi in Paris. In 1994 on the advice and recommendation of Smt Amala Devi, she went to Bangalore to learn a repertoire in the grand "Pandanallur" style, under the guidance of Guru Sri U.S. Krishna Rao and his wife, Smt Chandrabaga Devi. While keeping her practice with Smt Amala Devi, she spends several months every year in Bangalore, to continue her training with her Gurus.

She has given several performances and lectures-demonstrations in Switzerland, France and Italy, and also carried out several workshops of indian classical dance in Geneva primary schools which have been very much appreciated by children and teachers.

She has took part in XXVIII International Dance Nervi Festival, in Italy.

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