Since the most ancient times, knowledge, in India, has been orally transmited from generation to generation, through the Guru-Sysia-Paramparam's tradition. The Guru is the one who embodies and orally transmits the traditional knowledge to his disciple or sysia, perpetuanting thus knowledge through the Paramparam, which signifies descendants, unbroken chain, succession, tradition.

Guru Amala Devi received training in the purest and most exacting style, that of the Pandanallur school of Bharata-Natyam from Sri Ram Gopal, who was the principle disciple of the legendary master of this style, Guru Sri MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM PILLAI.

Guru U.S. Krishna Rao from Bangalore and his wife Guru Chandrabaga Devi, were disciples of Guru Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai, of whom they keep and faithfully impart the traditional teaching and a few choregraphic compositions. The beauty and the originality of Guru U.S. Krishna Rao's choregraphies amazes those who forget that Bharata-Natyam's tradition isn't found only in Madras, but in Bangalore and Mysore as well. These two cities always were and still are important seats of tradition of Bharata-Natyam's art in South India.

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