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JAVIER MEDINA CARREON - 10/16/00 17:20:27
My Email:xavimedina@yahoo.com
Occupation:: Pasante
Favorite style of Music:: Alabanza
Sports:: soccer y atletismo

escribanme porfavor

Tomas Ivens - 12/16/98 00:49:46
My Email:tivens@juno.com
Occupation: Por ahora desempleado por Dr. Lindo
Favorite style of Music: Disco
Sports: Soccer
Favorite Quote: Quiero trabajo...ya
Favorite Movie: Batman

Me gusta mucho tu pose, sobre todo es impresionante tu calva, creo que es de buen look.

Anthony Rivera - 12/14/98 22:11:33
My URL:http://Soon.to.be
My Email:Isluton@Basstone.net
Occupation: professor
Favorite style of Music: Baroque
Sports:: Highball
Favorite Quote: que se sometan...
Favorite Movie: girls in jail

Why don't you change the colors on the background, cause, it looks little boring. Main reasons to go to Venezuela:
1.To sightseein the beautiful of morrocoy natural park.
2.Dating former misses Venezuelans.
3. To say Hi. Boruszkos Sam's parents.
4. To get an appointment to congratulate The Constitutional new President Mr. Hugo Chavez Frias
5.To meet in person Alirio Eustache,Phd.President of Baptist Venezuelan theological Seminary

Hernan Diaz - 12/12/98 19:53:59
My URL:http://pagina.de/hernan
My Email:hernandiaz@usa.net
Occupation: Limpiabotas
Favorite style of Music: Guaracha
Sports:: Pico Pico
Favorite Quote: Camaron que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.
Favorite Movie: Pinocho

Te felicito por tu web site. I would like to hear some of your music here. God bless you. Hernan.

Basilio Rodriguez - 11/28/98 21:59:09
My URL:http://Somos@1stnetusa.com

I am A homeles Person Now And was last year

Walter Rodriguez - 11/04/98 05:52:27
My Email:walter@batterie.com
Occupation: musico
Favorite style of Music:: salsa
Sports: beisbol
Favorite Quote: Como tu estas?
Favorite Movie: Star Treck

Very Good!!!

Papito - 10/20/98 21:22:00
My URL:http://papito.com
My Email:victor@uchich.com
Occupation:: pastor
Favorite style of Music:: Religiosa
Sports:: Beisbol
Favorite Quote: Bog iesh lubov
Favorite Movie: Batman

Buen trabajo Sigue adelante

Eugenio Rios - 10/18/98 03:36:11
My Email:maracucho@webtv.net
Occupation:: Periodista
Favorite style of Music: Gaitas
Sports:: Beisbol
Favorite Quote: Que molleja!
Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Soy un maracucho perdido en Boston que saluda al mundo.

Jaime Cardoso - 09/20/98 04:55:53
My Email:j0li@wgn.net
Occupation:: Antropologo
Favorite style of Music: Jazz
Sports:: Natación
Favorite Quote: El que nació pa' maceta...
Favorite Movie: Sueños de A. Kurosahua

Boruszko, inteligente y buen amigo

Jose - 09/20/98 04:46:13
My URL:http://El.gato.com
My Email:jose@elgato.com
Occupation:: Dormilon
Favorite style of Music:: none
Sports:: perseguir
Favorite Quote: Sheeba
Favorite Movie: Sheeba

No quiero piano lessons Quiero SHEEBA!!!!

Javier Alquati - 09/13/98 15:07:57
My Email:javieral@cantv.net
Occupation:: adivina
Favorite style of Music: Jazz
Sports:: Futbol
Favorite Quote: al mal paso darle prisa
Favorite Movie: 2001 Odisea en el Espacio

Me gusta tu pagina y me alegra poder contactarte otra vez .Que estés muy bien.

Hernan Diaz - 09/12/98 04:45:51
My URL:http://pagina.de/hernan
My Email:hernandiaz@usa.net
Occupation:: Físico y Teológo
Favorite style of Music: Clásica
Sports:: Beisból y Fútbol
Favorite Quote: Camarón que se duerme ni que lo fajen chiquito.
Favorite Movie: Terminator II

Jedutun, alias de S.B., espero visitar a menudo tu pagina. Gracias por haberme introducido al mundo de HTML y por tu amistad. Hernán.

Louis Rivera - 09/08/98 20:24:46
My Email:mozartbmw@aol.com
Occupation:: Musician
Favorite style of Music: Clasiccal
Sports:: Futbol
Favorite Quote: Leave me alone
Favorite Movie: Titanic

Excellent page I would like to se more information about music

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