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I'm glad you found your way to this web page. 
This location should provide you a short impression about my hobbies, interests and passions. 
As for any good web site, I'll try my best to add new exciting material and to keep this an open place for your comments and suggestions.


hone Cards!

As many of you already might know I'm a passionate phone card-collector. When you click here you'll get the latest information about my stock of available cards for swapping or trading. The list contains items from many different countries. However, the majority are Austrian cards.

ist of recently read books!

Established on September 1st, 1996, the list you find when clicking here displays my activities in consuming contemporary literature :-)
You'll recognize at once that this site was conceived for German speaking folks only since I read all these books in this language.
Find out more about the works of Thomas Bernhard, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, Hermann Hesse and many more else ...
Just come on over!

eb Notes!

Well, this is a kind of ... very special page. At first I had the inexecutable idea of creating a daily updated diary on the World Wide Web, but then I got frightened by the thought that millions could read whenever I had diarrhoea or stuff like that. Gee!
See for yourself what has come out of this ... and by the way, it's almost completely in German!


Let's do some graffiti! This link will take you to an applet which will turn your mouse into a spray-can. Hope you like it!


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