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Zentral Friedhof

If you take the strassenbahn (streetcar) out Simmeringer Haupstrasse, you will come to Gate 3 of the cemetery. This walled cemetery was begun in 1874 because the city was growing, and the old cemeterys in the outer districts were becoming inadequate. Covering almost 500 acres, Zentral Friedhof and it's park-like atmosphere is a nice place to spend the day.

There are 5 gates...the first, you passed on your way here. Gate 1 is the entrance to the old Jewish cemetery with green fields and some very interesting markers. Gate 2 is the main entrance, and leads not only to the Dr. Karl Leuger Memorial Church...the imposing building with the large dome... but to the Grove of Honor...which we will visit in a moment. Gate 3 is the departing point for the strassenbahn, Gate 4 leads to the Protestant section, and Gate 5 is the entrance to the new Jewish section....opened in 1928. Across Simmeringer Hauptstrasse, opposite the main gate, is the cremetorium.

Now let's enter the main gate and walk straight through toward the church. On your right is area 32...the Grove of Honor. You will find monuments to Vienna's greatest composers here. Some are the true graves, while others are just markers...the body buried elsewhere .

Ludwig van Beethoven(1770 - 1827)
made a permanent move to Vienna in 1792. There are many places in and around the city that claim to have housed this great composer at one time or another. Well, strange as it may seem, they all did! Beethoven seems to have changed residences very often. Many of the residences are called by the famous body of work that was written while he stayed in the particular house. This is the tomb of honor for Beethoven. There are several monuments and memorials throughout the city.

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
was probably most famous for his "Lullabye". There are several markers, memorials, and monuments to him throughout Vienna


Josef Strauss

Johann Strauss

W.A. Mozart

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