prototype, metal finish

Probably you need technical information about this camera. It is a mix of technology: Rollei, Leitz, Schneider. You can use plate film 6x9 with the Rollei plate back (on the Rolleiflex the used part of the film is 6cm x 6cm but on our camera you can use the full format (remember that the prints have rectangular format, so you throw away part of the image in 6x6!) The 6x6 ground glass is used only for focusing). Also Hasselblad has a similar back but only 6x6 part of film is used.

  • Technical data
  • Body in brass and aluminium (anticorodal)
  • Rollei plate back 6x9
  • Sport viewfinder 6x9
  • Leitz viewfinder
  • Leitz 100mm rangefinder (FODIS)
  • Lateral viewfinder
  • Compur / Copal
  • 1" - 1/500"
  • Manual focus on dedicated helicoid or ground glass on focus plane
  • Other lenses can be mounted only if they have focusing ring
  • You can mount it on large format cameras (6x9 - 9x12 - 4"x5" - microscope)

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