The Chinese Orchestra

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Updated: 12-25-96
HL Matthew Lee
The history of music in China dates back some 4,000 years. The chinese orchestra is an amalgam of many cultural traditions. Like the philharmonic orchestra, it is made up of four sections:
  • Bowed-strings
  • Plucked-strings
  • Woodwind
  • Percussions

The four sections combine in a full chinese orchestra to produce the finest tune for the audience. However, a good blend of the different sounds produce by the different instruments is hard to achieve. Cooperation among the orchestra members is thus important.

Author's pen
I have been a chinese orchestra member since 1992. I can play two chinese lutes --- the PiPa and LiuQin. I was a member of the Jit Sin High School Chinese Orchestra and is currently a member of the Hua Zhong Chinese Orchestra. My training for the past few years has allowed me to perform in the orchestra as well as solo performance. This page is thus a reliable one for those who wants to know more about the chinese orchestra. Thank you for visiting!