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Updated: 12-26-96
HL Matthew Lee
Figure skating is one of the world's elite sports. there are three disciplines in competitive figure skating, ie. singles skating, pairs skating, and ice dance.

The Axel Paulsen is prepared mainly for skaters' reference. All views on style and techniques are strictly IMHO only. If my opinions and your coach's opinion do contradict, do ensure that your coach's opinions prevail. Also, please send your coach's opinions to me if permissible. Thank you.

Finally, to all skaters who are browsing this page, I wish you all the best!

Author's Pen
I am an ISIA member doing men's singles skating. I am currently at ISIA level 5 training under my Canadian coach, Carolyn Chetwynd. The Axel Paulsen is done based on my own experience and observations, and includes my coach's opinions. I would certainly be very glad to have acquaintance with anyone who wish to discuss anything on this common interest we share. You are always welcomed to contact me.


   Singles skating
     ~Other freeskating moves

   Pairs skating
     ~Other pairskating moves

   Technical problems
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