Desford Colliery Band - Today

Current Champion of Champions
Four times National Champions
European Champions 1986
Five times Granada television ITV Band of the Year
Four times BBC television 'Best of Brass' Champions
Three times 'Brass in Concert' Champions
Five times Coal Board Area Champions
Nine times Midland Area Champions

The Desford Colliery Band now operates on a level equal to the finest professional orchestras. Desford's success in competitive music making is phenomenal and its musical prowess and vision has brought it to the forefront of the art of brass playing. The band continues both the tradition of brass band playing, and the evolution of the art form with innovation, musical intelligence and sparkling performance.

The brass band of British tradition is regarded as a nineteenth century invention, primarily devoted to outdoor music making; it's appeal to popular taste brought about by an essentially martial spirit. It's intention in those times was merely to entertain: light music in the most unpretentious manner, familiar tunes of all kinds.

It had no truly original music of it's own except for the military march, but employed much watered-down excerpts from opera, popular ballads, dance music and such like. however it's true beginnings, not properly recognised until relatively recent times, go back much further to the golden age of the baroque.

With outstanding virtuosity and musical diversity Desford both upholds the traditions of its heritage, and strives to further the evolution of brass playing. Devoted to musical excellence and with a limitless repertory, Desford's mission is to continue to be the innovative leader of the brass world

Desford Colliery Band 1996

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