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Hi! My name is Shi Yun , also commonly known as Jes in IRC/ICQ. However, I've already quit IRC since 2 years ago. Those were the days.....Now, I'll ocassionally chat up my friends over the ICQ. Guess I'm old liao...already got over the excitement of chatting through IRC huh? :)

Anyway, as promised. I'm back trying to get some of my more recent photos onto my website.....plus my boyfriend's ones as well. But please pardon me, I'm uploading bit by bit so it my take quite some time. Just be sure to drop by and have a look once in a while just in case they're ready okie?

P/S. Any of my friends who want to contribute their photos to this site is MOST welcome. :)

Meanwhile, this page is still under construction. But you can proceed to my links. They're mostly done. :) Have fun!

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