Welcome Alumni of Class of 1981!

Please help us continue to find our "lost" classmates. And, if you haven't already given us your postal address and other information, please do so that we can keep you up on any upcoming events.

Lost Classmates

If you have information about these classmates, please let us know - we'll always be looking for them (some may not be truly "lost", but we've lost information about them).

  • Paula Alward
  • Michael Baker
  • Bekki Berge
  • William "Spike" Bigler
  • Susan Carr
  • Dan Carson
  • Martina Chan
  • Kara Cheek
  • John Cherry
  • Machelle Collings
  • Albert Cooley
  • Eve Cumberbatch
  • Louis Cumberbatch
  • Cindy Denney
  • Jeff Ehrlich
  • Beth Eikenberry
  • Cecilia Elizalde
  • William Evans
  • Steve Fletcher
  • Wanda Furdyna
  • Scott Glover
  • Dan Goldstein
  • David Gordon
  • Michael Heath
  • John Huggins
  • Janet Kenaga
  • Paula Kentzer
  • Jim Kim
  • Karen Knudsen
  • Sharon Korn
  • Nancy Lewis
  • Betsy McCracken
  • Judy Mihalko
  • Cynthia Miller
  • Ben Moser
  • Steven Muller
  • Robin Nichols
  • Joe Niemoeller
Kathy Pavy
Phil Peck
Mike Pond
Colette Pellissier
Leela Rangan
Troy Richmond
Dave Rothenberger
Kelly Jo Schmidt
Barb Schwartz
Tracy Scott
Todd Sherwood
Steve Simons
Gerhard Smit
Lewis Stone
Bryan Thompson
Yvonne VanBergeyk
Scott Vest
Margaret Wood

In Memory Of...

Although they have left this world, they are not forgotten...

Dan Montes
Marc Regnard
James (Jamie) Short
June Sugawara
Brian White

20th Reunion Pictures!

Cheri's pictures from the picnic Saturday
Cheri's pictures from Saturday evening gathering
Gary's pictures from the picnic and Saturday evening gathering
Helen's pictures from the high school tour, picnic and Saturday evening gathering
Mary Claire and Mark's pictures from Saturday evening gathering

Links of Interest

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Cheri (Brown) Smith

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