South Park the Movie (Bigger, Longer and Uncut)

Wowweee, what a movie! You got to see this movie, grab a legal copy or otherwise. You got to hear the song about.....then Kenny dies by.... and Cartman's latest discovery about his mum. The movie runs for approximately 84 mins. The start was the best, most of the middle was good, then it seemed they were trying to develop the plot and used a lot of old jokes. But the ending was cool and overall a very good movie. Well worth seeing, especially if you're South Park fan. A great movie to see with you friends. Don't go if you are offended by stylish use of swear words, well timed fart jokes, inappropriate feminist jokes and animated violence.

The South Park Movie Poster.
Kenny unhoods himself to reveal his face.

South Park Images

Mr Garrison as Austin Powers
Chef in Blade
Young Cartman in Star Wars : Episode1
Cartman in the Fatrix
Saving Private Ryan...but with more blood and guts
Cute South Park babies
Cartman curry
Classic Kenny
My favourite, Kenny out shines them all !
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