Lecture Demos on The Physics of Musical Instruments

Real Audio Lectures on the Physics of Music
by N. Drozdoff

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Below you will find RealAudio files on the various topics covered in the written essays.

Closed End Cylindrical Tubing Resonance

The Polyvinylchloride Didjeridu

This demo shows the overtone series for a PVC didjeridu. PVC is the plastic water/sewer pipe that can be readily obtained at any hardware store. The length cut for this demo gives a fundamental pitch of aproximately a low C-sharp.

A didjeridu is an Australian instrumment usually made out a length of a tree branch. A drone note is produced on the fundamental and is sustained by circular breathing. In this demo the fundamental is played as well as the overtones thus demonstrating closed end cylindrical resonance.

PVC Didjeridu

The Evloution of the Trumpet

From a PVC Natural Trumpet to a Contemporary Piccolo Trumpet

The series of demos show how the various pieces of a trumpet affect its overtone or harmonic series. First we have a length of cylindrical PVC water pipe .5 inches in diameter. It has no bell or mouthpiece. Then we add a mouthpiece and finally a funnel from the kitchen as a bell. After that we'll hear an actual natural trumpet made from brass and replicating a genuine baroque instrument. The natural trumpets of the baroque period had no valves (as is the case for our PVC trumpet) and the notes were obtained by simply playing the overtones available on the instrument. Finally we'll hear a contemporary piccolo trumpet.


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