Nicholas Drozdoff

Mr. D's Physics Links!

Below you will find a list (randomly ordered) of links to various physics sites covering a wide range of topics. These may provide a nice starting point for doing outside research projects.

Special Physics Related Links Suitable For Study and Research:

  • New Video Demos from Wake Forest University

    These are some really amazing videos of physics demos covering all topics in physics.

  • Wake Forest Physics Demo Movies Complete Collection

    This should be a complete collection of the Wake Froest University physics demos.

  • Wake Forest University Physics Demo Guides

    This is the Wake Forest University physics department demo guide.

  • MIT Electricty and Magnetism Video/Graphic Demos

    This is a series of graphical animations of E&M concepts involving field theory.

  • Astronomy Picture Of The Week

    This is an astronomical photograph changed each week by some folks at NASA.

  • Gamma Ray Observatory Home Page

    This is apparently the home page of a branch of NASA studying gama rays from deep space.

  • Fizzix Fizzle

    This is a web site tutoring page for physics students. This might make a fun supplement to what we are doing. Feel free to explore.

  • ThinkQuest Homepage

    This is the homepage for ThinkQuest, a site supporting student efforts in all disciplines.

  • Air-Foil Demos

    This is a great little graphic animation for the operation of an airplane wing.

  • Aviation Web Site
  • Physics Guide
  • Introductory Physics Notes, University of Winnipeg
  • Atomic Structure
  • Energy
  • Gravity & Motion
  • Niels Bohr
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Added to the AITLC Guide to Automobiles

    Here are some links that you ought to find useful for preparing your Great America materials.

    Annenberg CPB Project Site on Amusement Park Physics

    Glenbrook South/North Web Site - Lots of great stuff!

    More Glenbrook stuff.

    Info on another site, but with electronically gathered data

    Argonne site. Lot's of very hard data - a little difficult to analyze, but it's ALL there!

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