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The List

"Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise of a mind unconscious that it is calculating."
Gottfried Leibniz, quoted in Lorenz Mizler's Musikalische Bibliothek

This page is the result of an attempt to help a friend develop some ideas to rally his community behind their school music, language arts and arts programs in the face of an almost overwhelming drive to utterly eliminate them from the public school program.

I was arguing that our children benefit from studying music. Their skills in other areas can seriously improve if they are allowed to pursue music. Now, I would also argue that music is a necessity for aesthetic reasons as well, but that can be the subject of another essay. I offer the following list as a collection of examples of the practical necessity of music as well.

The List

Now, this list is a fluid thing! If you know of other folks who have found that studying music has helped them in their other careers, please feel free to email me. Even graduate students in applied science or engineering who are studying music or music students who are studying math or physics are welcome to have their name added to the list. If you can think of any major historical figures such as those already listed, let me know via my email at the top of this page.

This page is intended to help anyone who needs some ammunition in their battle against the "conservative pragmatism" that would kill off their school music and arts programs.

Don't stop the music.


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