Links to fun stuff

Riddle du Jour
A new Riddle and a new Trivia question every day!
The Weekly Web Poll
Every week a new poll question with instant running tally
The Station @ Sony
Play Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune online
E-mail virus myths and hoaxes
Ever receive an e-mail message from a well-meaning friend, warning you not to open or read any e-mail with certain words in the subject line? Well, don't bother to forward that warning on to your friends. Instead, go to this website to learn why such warnings are just hoaxes...and why your computer cannot "catch a virus" simply because you read an e-mail message, no matter what words appear in the subject line.
The American Kennel Club
The A.K.C.'s excellent website
Car Talk
The "Car Talk" guys from National Public Radio have a good website. I'm not "into" cars, but I enjoy their very humorous radio program and their funny website
Intellicast Weather
U.S.A. and World Weather
eek! CyberSex
Funny spoof of cybersex encounters
Very funny stories from the life of "The B******* Operator From H***"
Blue Mountain Arts
Free electronic greeting cards!
The Virtual Florist
Yep, you can send a virtual bouquet of flowers, free, via the internet to anyone you know who has an e-mail address
The Bingo Zone
Play bingo (free) and win money. Sure, it's modest amounts.. $2.00, $5.00, but the game is fun. New games start every twenty minutes.
A Virtual Reality place where you can build your dream home and chat with live people. Well, most are live...a few might be sleeping on their keyboards. Click here to see a place I built
Isabel Deco Gallery
Oil reproductions of masterpiece paintings
The magazine on the Web....a "webzine"
Caution! Netscape users! Don't even try going to the next link (Gaming Zone) with Netscape. It won't work... ya' gotta' have MIE 3.02 or you'll get stuck on that webpage. I use MIE only for the Gaming Zone - Netscape for EVERYthing else! :-)
Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone
Absolutely requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher; no if's and's or but's! It's worth it to have both browsers, though, because at the Gaming Zone you can play cards (plus chat) with "real" people from all over the world....Bridge, Hearts, Spades, Chess, Checkers and many more games.



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