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Band/Tuba related links

  • OSU Tubas!!-Beware of college Tuba humor...

  • Mighty Hammers of Thor-More college tuba stuff.

  • Dopey's Home Page-A little stuff about the Tuba, plus other things, and random links.

  • Paul's Tuba Page

  • Jason's Monster Tuba Page

    Fairy and Mythology Related Links

  • Raistlinia's Realm-lots of interesting sciience and computer info, but if you dig deep enough, there's still neat fairy stuff to be found.

  • Welcome to Lavendise-vale of the fae-Interesting-Odd.

    Literature/Book Related Links

  • The Lord of the Rings-A cool image gallery related to the lord of the rings.

  • L-Space Web-This site has to do with the works of Terry Pratchett.

  • The Golden Compass-The official site for the book. It's jam packed with cool info.

  • The HoBBiT Site-This site is great!!

  • A Touch of Tolkien- Led Zeppelins allusions to Tolkien.

  • Narnia

    Gameboy/Nintendo Related Links

  • Zelda HeadQuarters-One of the best Zelda sites on the net!!

  • Ben's Zelda HQ-In my opinion,THE BEST Zelda site on the web.

  • The Unofficial Gameboy Tetris Homepage-All about that crazy game Tetris.

  • Gameboy Manuals-Every gameboy manual you've ever wanted to read. If you lost a manual, this is THE place to go.

    Music Related Links

  • The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive-A great place to go if you want to know what Michael Stipe is REALLY saying

  • Basement Jaxx-The place to go for updates, remixes, and funky gorillas, all courtesy of the band from Brixton.

  • U2's official website-THE place to go for video clips, news, and everything you ever wanted to know about Dublins finest!

    Monty Python Related Links

  • Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site-A neat Monty Pyrthon devoted site filled with fun info, pictures/screenshots, songs, scripts, and more!

  • Monty Python@Whizzo Online- an Incomplete Fan Site-Monty Python Wallpaper, links, and info.

  • Garret Gilchrists Pythonet-Monty Python news, games, and movies, as well as the site owners Orange Cow Productions, which seems to specialize in amateur comedy films. Good Stuff!

  • Monty Python Net-Monty Python scripts, sounds, pictures, people, fun, games, and merchandise.

  • Pythonline-Monty Python's official website, with random fun stuff.

  • Stone Dead Productions-Monty Python in Austrailia-This site is freakin' awesome! everything you ever wanted to know about everything Monty Python.

    Archaeology/Paleontology Related Links

  • Theban Mapping Project-Scientists checking out an Egyptian Tomb...Cool!

  • Earthwatch-Participate in awesome reasearch projects, and learn about a great organization!!

  • Museum of the Rockies (Montana) paleontology page-Excellent Paleontological info.

    University Related Links

  • University of Oregon-Learn about the University and it's programs. My friends go to school here!

  • Bowling Green State University-I go to school here!

    Miscellaneous Links

  • Land of the Flaming Donut-My pal Emily's kick arse page...Land of the Flaming Donut! check out the hilarious pictures!

  • Lord Insanity's Homepage-Just plain strange, but it does have it's merits...

  • Adrian's Homepage-Another page belonging to a friend of mine...lots of Enigma, art, and poetry

  • Chelsie's Homepage-Another page belonging to a friend of mine...lots of collective soul!

  • NIO/Chris's page-My pal Chris..and the page of rulership!

  • Rob's Page-Rob Metzgers page of wonder!

  • Velocity Journal-A sweet ass car journal w/tons of awesome car pics! woo!

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