Compositions 2001-Present

A new stylebreaker for me happens during the year of 2001 when I was exposed to even more styles of music and became once again inspired and a brand new style that was associated with my past and yet with my future. As time progresses, my music is getting more mature, but still underdeveloped and far away from being called a masterpiece.

Picture:  My dorm room at Texas A&M University, Hart Hall H-ramp 01, when I was staring at the monitor screen composing.

Background music is my Lied #1 from my Lieder.

** = Highly Recommended,   *= Recommended

Sonata for flute and piano in F# minor (2002)

This work is dedicated to a flutist that I've met up north.  I was really excited about this work, because it showed me what I was capable of after having a composer block for roughly a few months.  It's good to know that I'm still capable of writing music within forms and gotten away with a little bit of my past stylistic problems.


   First Movement, Allegro ma non troppo ** (40k)

  Second Movement, Andante cantabile ** (20k)

  Third Movement, Minuet (Fugal) * (38k)

  Fourth Movement, Finale - In progress

Lieder (2001 winter)

 Don't ask. I wrote this *sweet* song cycle for a friend's birthday. She rather enjoyed it, and I thought it was the best compositions I had written up to that point.


   Lied #1 ** (15k)

   Lied #2 (8k)

   Lied #3 * (8k)

   Lied #4 (5k)


Sonata for cello and piano in a minor(2001 winter - 2002)

It's a working progress. I believe I have broke away from the baroque sound somewhat, and this is probably the best piece I have ever written yet.  They are also on my MP3 section, go check it out.


   First movement, Introduction (9k)

   Second movement, Scherzo * (27k)

   Third movement, Ballade - In Progress

   Fourth movement, Finale ** (38k)


Sonata for recorder and piano in F (2001)

Exploration of my own style. Unfinished, but when I finish, I hope you all would like it. I remember someone once said that it sounded like a little bit of everything.

  First Movement, Allegro (15k)

Variations on Themes (2001 winter)

The only thing I'm going to say about these variations is that
they're very amusing and very interesting. I'll let you be the judge.

   London Bridge is Falling Down Variations * (60k)
Miniature Corner (2002)

This work is (hopefully, if I can complete it on time) is dedicated to my sister's birthday.  She doesn't come here to visit anyway so she wouldn't know about this, but I am intended to write her some simple piano pieces as a gift, and here are some sketches.

Since I want to write something simple and sight-readable, these little pieces aren't suppose to be hard to play. 

   Suite No.1
Party Clown (4k)
Flowers (3k)
Dogs (2k)
   Birthday Song
   Berceuse (Lullaby) (3k)

   Suite No.2
   Birthday Song



Future Plans

Just some crazy ideas that I would like to put to good use.


   Requiem for Flute and Piano  

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