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I'm not a very good english speaker, and more often than not I would be accused of being grammatically incorrect. But that alone never was enough of a reason to stop me from writing and communicate with my brothers and sisters of the world. 

Also, since language is a thing that goes through changes throughout our cultural evolution, it seems to me that as long as my point is carried out adequately (which, more often than not, isn't), maybe grammatical rules wouldn't matter so much after all - maybe I'm even in a part of the grammatical evolution.

Picture:  My pen and I were facing the monitor trying to come up with good enough ideas and drop down notes for my new, never-to-be-finished novel, The Sarcasm Manifesto.


A life-long project:

The Sarcasm Manifesto

A novel that I'm currently working on that's full of romance, jokes, drama, war, kin relations, music, communists, food, sex, and urine. Started during winter of 2000, don't think that I'm ever going to finish it. But as much as I'm at right now it is quite interesting.

Click on links below to go to the chapter at your own risk:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Stuff that I have written years ago:

Old poems during the years of horrible english.

Have a laugh or two. But if you understand what I'm saying you'll probably cry.  Okay maybe not. But I hope you're reading it in an objective kind of way. I still don't get why James Joyce was rated top on literature lists. :)


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The background music being played is by Henryk Gorecki.  It's an excerpt from his work "Miserere", and the midi is sequenced by me.

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