2002 Kammermusik

Woodwind Camp

This was our 7th year, and went off without a hitch.

There were 35 musicians registered, and our opening night concert presented by members of Kammermusik Colorado, and Kammermusik Santa Fe was greeted with much enthusiasm.

David Bohling and Michael Blackwell of Kammermusik Santa Fe preformed a Telemann Trio Sonate on Simple System Flutes and then again on Baroque Flutes

The Audience is ready to listen. Marvin and Virginia are back this year as well as Rich Green and his wife. WELCOME

We have several "returnees" from previous years as well as new participants who are looking forward to making lots of music.

Catie, Keith and David of Kammermusik Colorado provided intertainment for the opening concert. These three have been the driving and organizing force behind this years Woodwind Camp. THANK YOU!

Patrick, the founder of Kammermusik of Kansas City and Santa Fe (woodwind chamber music groups) as well as the Kammermusik Woodwind Camp, welcomes everyone to the 7th Camp.

Joe Fasel, and Patrick play Gymnopadies by Satie.

Both Kammermusik Colorado and Santa Fe, with assistance from coaches Elain Heltman(oboe), Stephanie Fauber(Horn), and Ron Noble(bassoon) closed the program with a Beethoven Octet!

Once again a wonderful week was had by all! Check out www.kammermusikwww.org for more information! 1