Welcome to the 1998 Kammermusik Adult Amateur Woodwind Camp

The camp was held at beautiful Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thirty musicians attended from August 11th through the 15th. Everyone had a chance to make wonderful music together. We all worked hard for four days, and our efforts culminated in a concert for the public at the historic Santuario de Guadalupe, in Santa Fe. Participants also had multiple opportunities to visit Santa Fe and its wonderful offerings, Art, Music, Food, and just wonderful atmosphere.

Many attended the famous Santa Fe Opera, or the Chamber Music Festival. Chamber Music Festival rehearsals. open to the public, were also attended by camp participants.

Thirty musicians attended from all parts of the United States. Participants came from New York, Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming, Maine, Michigan, Washington, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Ohio, and Texas.

Of course members of Kammermusik Kansas City attended as well:

Yumm. Lunch at Tomasitas

Sunrise Springs was our home away from home. A beautiful setting for making beautiful music:

Our coaches for this years camp were members of the Santa Fe Symphony and the San Antonio Symphony. On the first evening of the camp, they gave a small concert for all those attending. They certainly gave us something to work towards.

Our Coaches: (left to right)

Jessica, Elaine, Stephanie, Ron ,Lori

When not making music, Eating was our favorite pastime.

Relaxation was definately a part of the camp experience, as well as getting to know wonderful new friends:

The food was good, the company was good, the surroundings were good.
But above all.......the Music Making was wonderful!
Lori Lovato from the Santa Fe Symphony
served as our main coach and conductor.

All of the musicians met together, daily for work on our concert pieces:

Smaller groups were formed and played together, and sectionals of like instruments rehearsed for the concert.

A wonderful time was had by all. Everyone worked hard, played hard, ate hard, and came away having formed new friendships and saying "I'll be back next year!"

(More Pictures will be available from the 1998 camp very soon.)