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Music on Barcelona

Friday May 19, 2006  5:30 PM

Kammermusik Chamber Ensemble

to include:

Bach Brandenburg Concerto #1
Marcello Oboe Concerto - Gerry Fried
Telemann Concerto for  Flute and Recorder - Mary Ann Martinez and Joe Fasel
Haydn Piano Concerto - Alice Ladas,. Piano
Beethoven Coriolan Overture
Music on Barcelona

Friday March 25, 2005 5:30 PM

Kammermusik Chamber Ensemble

Resphigi Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No. 1

Haydn Symphony Nr. 104

Music on Barcelona

Unitatrian Universalist Congregation

Friday December 17, 2004 5:30 PM

Holiday Chamber Music

Music on Barcelona

Unitarian Universalist Congregation Barcelona at Galesteo

Friday Fbruary 18th, 2005 5:30 PM

Trio Sonatas

February 13, 2004

SFCO Fund Raiser - Site and Time to be announced.

Bach Brandenburg Concerto #3

February 20, 2004

Kammermusik Chamber Ensemble - Debut Concert - Music on Barcelona 5:30pm

Trumpet Concerto - Hovannes - Michael Ebinger, Trumpet

Vivaldi Concerto

Mary Ann Martinez, Flute Britt Ravnan, Violin

Meg Adams-Cameron, Oboe Brian Tuffnel, Bassoon Patrick Berry, Harpsichord

Handel Organ Concerto No. 16

Chamber Ensemble with Strings,Winds, Harpsichord

Patrick Berry, Continuo Organ

December 25, 2003 - Music on Barcelona

Holiday music from the Ventura Woodwind Quintet

December 7, 2003 Santa Fe Community Orchestra Concert

Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto - Debbie Poulin, Bassoon- Patrick Berry, Harpsichord

SFCO Strings - Dina Sassone, Cello

Music on Barcelona - Friday November 7, 2003 1730

Unitarian Universalist Congregation - Barcelona at Galesteo

Woodwind Quintet:


Cabriole Suite

Mozart Piano Quintet

Music on Barcelona - Friday February 21, 2003 1730

Unitarian Universalist Congregation - Barcelona at Galesteo

Teleman Tafelmusik II Quartet in d-moll

David Bohling -Flute, Gerald Fried - Oboe, Debbie Poulin - Bassoon, Patrick Berry - Harpsichord, Jim Knudson - Cello

Beethoven Octet

Gerald Fried, Patrick Berry - Oboe, Debbie Poulin, Jim Preus - Bassoon

Michael Golden, Robert Jones - Clarinet, Laura Deanovic, John Hargreaves - Horn

February 14, 2003 - A Benefit for the Santa Fe Community Orchestra

At the home of Lena Barker

A repeat of the November 2002 Music on Barcelona - Bach Brandenburg Concerto #4 & #5

Kathleen MacIntosh on Hapsichord for the Brandenburg #5

Feb.2 and 9, 2003 - Mozart Requiem - Mystic Warrior

Los Alamos Choral Society/Los Alamos Symphony

Mystic Warrior Choral composed by Gerry Fried for the TV Mini-Series "The Mystic Warrior"

Friday January 24, 2003 - Music on Barcelona - Ventura Wind Quintet

Susan DeJong, Gerald Fried, Tom Brooks, Elizabeth Hunke, Jim Preus

Woodwind Quintet Music of Brugk and Hidas

November 2002 - Music on Barcelona - Bach's Brandenburg Concert IV

Mary Ann Martinez - Flute, Susan DeJong - Flute, Britt Ravnan - Violin, Patrick Berry - Harpsichord, Dena Sassone - Cello

and a String Quartet from the Santa Fe Community Orchestra

October 2002 - Sinfonia Concertant - Mozart - Santa Fe Community Orchestra

Michael Golden - Clarinet, Gerald Fried - Oboe, Jim Preus - Bassoon, Elizabeth Hunke - Horn

August 2002 - Skiers Edge Art Space - Gallery Opening

May 2002 - Skiers Edge Art Space - Gallery Opening

April 2002 - Sinfonia Concertant - Mozart - Los Alamosa Symphony

Joe Fasel - Clarinet, Gerald Fried - Oboe, Debbie Poulin - Bassoon, John Hargreaves - Horn

June 2001 - A Concert In Celebration - 50th Wedding Anniversary - Jesup, Iowa

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