This is the history page, 2009

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Kammermusik Ensembles of Kansas City was reformed in 2006 when Patrick and Dave returned to Kansas City. The group presently consists of 2 Flutes, Oboe,
2 Clarinets, 1.5 Horns, Cellist, Bassoon, and Pianist. The Flutes and Cellist make up the Trio Sonata group, with Patrick on Harpsichord or Organ continuo. We have played for Weddings, Special Music for church services and are presently rehearsing for our first Ensemble Concert on September 27, 2009. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Kammermusik of Santa Fe had its beginning in 1997. Original members transplanted from Kansas City, Patrick and Dave, were joined by Debbie Poulin (Bassoon), Joe Fasel (Clarinet), Paul Pease (Horn), and Emmy award winning Gerry Fried (Oboe) to form a full woodwind quintet. Dave, Gerry, Debbie and Patrick (on harpsichord) formed the Kammermusik Trio Sonate Group.  Both groups performed Christmas concerts, at church services, Santa Fe Gallery openings and at the local hospital. All members of the Santa Fe Quintet also played in various other musical venues through out the area (Santa Fe Community Orchestra, Santa Fe Community Band, Los Alamos Symphony, and where ever they get a chance to participate in music making).

The Kammermusik Chamber Ensemble was established in 2003 and consisted of  3, 3, 2, 2, 1 strings and a full complement of woodwinds as needed. We perfomed at the monthly Music on Barcelona musicales. Musicians came from Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque as well as other New Mexico communities. Check the Musicians listing to see who played with us.