A Report on

the First & Second Annual

Missouri Ozarks Woodwind Camp

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Dear Patrick:
The highlight of the camp is the comradship among the players, and the music. By the end of camp I think everyone felt that they had made many new friends, and since several of the players had a very good collection of music, I was exposed to great stuff I had never heard before.


The beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri was the sight for the first annual Missouri Ozarks Woodwind Camp. This event was organized and sponsored by Kammermusik of Kansas City, and was held from the fourth through the eighth of September, 1996.

Kammermusik is an amateur woodwind chamber group in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1995 three of our members attended the Chamberre in the Rockies which is held in Estes Park Colorado. We came away from that wonderful experience thinking we could and should organize a similar event geared toward woodwinds, which is our musical focus. We also felt there was a need for an event of this type in the central portion of the United States. Almost all of the other camps are situated in the eastern or western regions of the country.

By the time all was said and done, we had accomplished our goals with a small but very successful camp. Most of the 18 participants came from the Kansas City area. However; California, Indiana, southern Missouri, Michigan, and Nebraska were also represented by players.

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