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Curriculum Vitae

Personal details:
Place and date of birth: Mohács, 5 May 1970
Marital status: married (one daughter)
Address: H-1182, Budapest, HUNGARY, Jakabhaza utca 17., I. floor, 4.
Telephone: +36 (1) 290-6414 (home), +36 (30) 979-1403 (mobile)

·Pi-Office Kft., Gyöngyös 2003
Lotus Workflow 3.0
·HIS Software Kft., Budapest 2002
Check Point Management I. Next Generation (v.5.0)
Check Point Management II. Next Generation (v.5.0)
·Synergon Education, Budapest 2002
Introduction to CheckPoint NG
·Axis Kft., Budapest 2000
Fast Track to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
System & Database Administration: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
·Synergon Education, Budapest 2000
Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
·Népszabadság Education Center, Budapest 2000
Photojournalism course (I did not finish)
·S.W.I.F.T. Education Center, London 2000
Operating SWIFTAlliance Entry
Managing SWIFTAlliance Entry
·IBM Education Center, Budapest 1999
Lotus Notes database developmnet
Lotus Notes System Administration
Lotus Notes Application developmnet
Lotus Notes Application development in advanced level
·WALTON Networking Ltd., Budapest 1997
Administering Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0
Supporting Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0 Core Technologies
·ORACLE EDUCATION Ltd., Budapest 1997
Administer the ORACLE 7 Database
Introduction to SQL
·Regional Center of Labour Improvement and Training, Pécs 1995
Course in marketing
·Trainings at Számalk Rendszerház Rt., Budapest 1992
NOVELL system manager /386/ (NOVELL Education Certificate)
IBM PC/AT hardware course in searching for errors and repairing methods
·Technical College of Machine Industry and Automation, Kecskemét 1989-1991

Specialization: computer technology
Main subjects: knowledge of computers and peripheries, precision-mechanical devices, control engineering, computer technology

·Kisfaludy Károly Secondary School, Mohács 1984-1988
Main subjects: mathematics, physics

Certified production engineer (almost equals to American BSc degree)

·Schneider Electric Hungária Villamossági Rt., Budapest 2001-2003

May 2001 - December 2003 Network/Lotus Notes administrator
- Lotus Notes administrator (450 users; Austria, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia) and developer (migarted from 4.6.1 to R5.0.5)
- operating the whole network
- work in S.A.P. R3 environment (COMPAQ/Digital, True64 UNIX)
- organised and successfully started the new logistics center of Schneider Electric Hungária Villamossági Rt. in Harbor Park (Frame Relay connection to the center, phone network, computer network, wireless phone (DECT), wireless network (based on Cisco Aironet 340, 350 series), NOVELL Netware, ...)
- working with the following systems and equipments: CheckPoint firewall, Netscape iPlanet Web server, Netscape CMS server, Netscape Proxy server, Novell Netware 5.x, Intel Shiva + Radius, Nortel network equipments (switches, routers, hubs), ntp, ...
- prepared: SMS gateway (Linux + perl + Nokia 6210), webcamera (Linux, V4L, bttv)
- started the intranet in Hungary (based on Lotus Notes, WIB)

·Société Générale Hungária Bank Inc., Budapest 1998-2001

August 1998 - May 2001 Office Automation Officer
- we built up the whole information system of this new bank (with two of my colleagues)
- Lotus Notes administrator and developer
- working with GIRO, SWIFT and the local accounting system
- installing and supporting SogeCash (MultiCash based) remote bank system

·Crédit Lyonnais Bank Hungary Inc., Budapest 1997-1998

March 1997 - August 1998 EDP assistent
- learning to use and operate the new systems (HP-UX, HP PCs, MS-WindowsNT network, SQL, TCP/IP, NetBeui)
- worked with GIRO, SWIFT, Lotus Notes and the local accounting system

·Fibreboard Factory Inc., Mohács 1991-1997

August 1991 - November 1991
- learned to use i8048 and i8051 microcontrollers
December 1991 - August 1992 programmer assistant, computer technology collaborator
- learned to use the local network, programmed in C language
March 1994 - March 1997 computer technology organizer
- extended the network of the company, connected its existing systems, worked independently, maintained and controlled the whole system
- formed new concepts in the information technology system of the company, established the e-mail system and the DIAL-IN accessibility of the network, developed ONLINE systems and established these systems on the existing network
- software legalization
- established and maintained several NetWare networks in Mohács city

Computer skills

·Software: NOVELL NetWare ...3.12, 5.x; MS-DOS ...6.22; MS-Windows 3.1, 3.11 WorkGroups; MS WindowsNT 4.0 server, workstation; Lotus Notes 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 5.0.x server, client; OS/2 Warp 3; Debian Linux; MS Office 4.2, 95, 97; WordPerfect 5.1, 6.0; S.W.I.F.T. Alliance Entry 3.x, 4.x; DynaComm; CoSession, CloseUp, PcAnywhere, TimbuktuPro, VNC; EasyCDPro; PrismaFAX; Recognita 2.0, 3.0, 4.0; Adobe Acrobat 3.0, 4.0, 5.0; Visio 5; Pretty Good Privacy, Cheyene ARCserveIT 6.x, 6.6x; SOPHOS Sweep, F-SECURE Anti-Virus,  ...
·Hardware: NoName, DTK, Tulip, Compaq and HP PCs; SKD and Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, SKD, Daewoo NoteBooks, SCSI devices (winchesters, RAID controllers, CD-ROM readers and writers); HP, Epson, Star, Canon printers; HP scanners, ZyXEL modems (U-1496E+, Elite 2864); Cisco, Bay routers; PictureTel; PSION Organiser II, SERIES 3a, 3c, 3mx, COMPAQ iPAQ 36xx, 38xx palmtops, ...
·programming languages: C (kernel mode device driver on Linux), 80x86 assembly (direct IPX protocol programming), ATMEL AVR assembly, Epson S1C88 assembly, CA Clipper 5.1, DataFlex, awk, UNIX shell (ksh), Psion OPL, Lotus Formula, Lotus Script, JavaScript, PostScript

·working knowledge of everyday English
·good knowledge of technical English
·regular user of Internet
·experienced driver ("B" category driving licence)
·compulsory military service completed
·free time activities: football, cinema, reading, music, photography
·I do not smoke
·last update: 2003.10.02.