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John Jay G. Marzan - 07/05/99 05:15:20
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I like it very much, so nice to see all the pictures here! Very, very, very handsome man and very talented person! I miss you very much my friend and maybe someday i can visit your country too.

- 04/06/99 05:29:27


Grophle Guizenmman - 03/22/99 00:51:02

Ich besuchte Geocites und oben auf Ihnen homepage irgendwie beendet. Wieviel Zeit haben Sie in Ihrem Internet-Aufstellungsort investiert? Ich hoffe, meine Selbst zu haben bald. /a>

Lawrence - 03/11/99 14:08:27


Sister - 11/01/98 05:28:45
My Email:n.sandy@mailexcite.com

You r very handsome. Ha! Ha! Your homepg quite boring. But that younger lady in the Family Photo Album is beautiful....Heeeeeeeeee (Want to vomit?) Not creative enough. Call 97692886 for consultation($5/min) Good Luck to U.....Bye

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