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What you hear is "Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem)" Lyrics
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Song Nametype of musicClick to download Midi file
La Gota FriaLatin gotafria.mid
Psychocontemporary psycho.mid
Peanuts Themecontemporary lnslcy.mid
Jawscontemporary jaws.mid
Beetlejuicecontemporary beetljuc.mid
Suddenly Seymour(Little Shop of Horrors) seymour.mid
Edelweiss(The Sound
of Music)
Ashokan Farewell(Civil War) ashokan.mid
A Farewellbluegrass farewell.mid
Gritsbluegrass grits.mid
Roly Polybluegrass rolypoly.mid
The Log Driver's Waltz*
[Wade Hemsworth]
Canadian folk logcan.mid
The Sailor and His Bride
[Wade Hemsworth]
Canadian folk tralala.mid
Four Green FieldsIrish folk 4green.mid
The SwallowtailIrish folk swallow.mid
The Bullgine Run (about a steamer ship)American folk bullgine.mid
The Wars in America (about an Irish
widow's lament for her 3 sons)
Irish folk terry.mid
Farewell, Happiness
(Prochᩬ Radost')
  • Russian folk Words fh.mid
    Dark is the night
    (Tchyomnaya Noch')
    Russian folk darknite.mid
  • The Weeping WillowRussian folk gyeshti.mid
    Spancil Hillfolk spancil.mid
  • Lots of Fish in Bonaviste Harbour
    I's the B'y*
    folk dancing lotsfish.mid
    The White Cockadefolk dancing whitcock.mid
    Corn Rigs are Bonnie*folk dancing cornrigs.mid
    Fermoy Lasses*
    The Gravel Walk
    folk dancing fermoy.mid
    Clarinet Polka
    (with accordian!)
    folk dancing clarplk.mid
    Now Woods and Wolds Are SleepingPresbyterian
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    Tune to Corachree
    This is my illustration of an old Norman Kennedy arrangement: "Corachree", the familiar story of a carefree romance leading to bitter consequences.

    annie.jpgTwas on a simmer's evenin' I gaed out tae tak' th' air.
    When comin' in tae Tarlantown I spied a lonely pair...
    The youth was tall an' handsome and the maid was fair tae see,
    And I kennt their destination was nae far fo' Corachree. knew

    Halfway up th' avenue, they baith set down tae rest.
    He put his airms aroond her, sayin' "my dear I love ye best,
    "A maiden ye hae sittin' down, a maid ye're aye tae me,
    "But a maiden ye'll ne'er walk again on the garse o' Corachree."

    "Oh Sandy lad, ye'll ne'er deny this deed ye hae done.
    "My apron strings ha' broken, Lord, me hair flees wi' the wind, flies
    "My maidenheed has ta'en a frecht, it's fairly flown awa', maidenhead...fright
    "And the session clerk'll get tae ken this deed ye done tae me." clerk in charge of recording births

    "Cheer up me bonnie lassie, you need no' care a fig.
    "There's mony the bonnie lassie that gaes daily on th' rig! lands in trouble
    "There's mony a bonnie lassie, aye, and just as guid as ye, good
    "But a maiden ye'll ne'er walk again on the garse o' Corachree." grass

    He comes down in the evenin', as often as he can.
    He comes down in the evenin' jest tae see his lonely Anne,
    They talk their line o' auld lange syne where naebody can see,
    But ye'll easy find out a' their beds aroond by Corachee. tell what they've done

  • And here's the words to the tune, Four Green Fields.
          "What did I have?" said the fine old woman
          "What did I have?" This proud old woman did say,
          "I had four green fields,
          Each of them a jewel,
          But strangers came,
          And tried to take 'em from me,
          I had fine strong sons,
          They fought to save my jewels,
          They fought and died,
          and that was my grief," said she.
          "Long time ago," said the fine old woman,
          "Long time ago," this proud old woman did say,
          "There was war and death,
          Plundering and pillage
          My children starved by mountain, valley and sea,
          And their wailing cries, they shook the very heavens,
          And my four green fields
          Ran red with their blood," said she.
          "What have I now?" said the fine old woman.
          "What have I now?" this proud old woman did say.
          "I have four green fields,
          One of them's in bondage refering to Ulster
          In stranger's hands
          That tried to take 'em from me,
          But my sons have sons,
          As brave as were their fathers,
          And my four green fields
          Shall bloom once again," said she.
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